During the entire duration of your course, you will be given the opportunity to get involved in all project management activities. For each module you are taught, you will get a hands on approach to managing live projects. This will count towards your work experience.

  • Writing your first business case
  • Assessing and evaluating risk and risk planning
  • Quality planning
  • Creating project plans, setting milestones, dependencies and critical paths
  • Analysing and designing of the objectives
  • Estimation of resources
  • Allocating resources
  • Organisation of work
  • Acquiring material and human resources
  • Task distribution
  • Directing activities
  • Quality review plans
  • Controlling execution of the project
  • Tracking and reporting about the progress of the project (Issue logging, reporting and tracking)
  • Defining products of different projects
  • Predicting future trends in the project

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