We Can Get You Into Work! Candidate Moves Up the Career Ladder As a Project Manager


We can get you into your first contract role as a project management or business analysis professional in 8-16 weeks.

Rates: up to £550 a day.

You should start on a minimum of £250 a day. That’s still £5,000 a month.

Everyday one of our candidates secures a new role and once you get the first, having your contract renewed or securing your next role is much easier.

This just came in:

Good afternoon Boss! I hope you can remember me. I was on the first ever Manchester training and I worked on both CI Matrix and Handyman projects. I got a Project/ Programme Coordinator role with a council in Kent last year and you referenced for me. God has done it again! I have just been offered a Project Manager role with another council in London. The interview was gruelling but I thank God. It is still thanks to the invaluable experience I gained from Digital Bananas which I have applied in my work over the past year. Thanks for the wonderful platform you keep providing. God bless!
P.s: They will be contacting you as one of my referees as I had to cover the last 3 years of employment.


Her advise to everyone:


I’ll advise candidates to be committed to the whole process. Right from the training to the work experience and to work with mentors who can help guide them. It’s now a really competitive market out there for candidates and the experience from digital bananas gives you an edge. Some people think it’s just about the 5 day training and so they get frustrated when they don’t get jobs later on but no one can help you more than you can help yourself. I can say hand on heart that everything I’ve done in my current role is from what I learnt at DBT. I was able to introduce a process driven approach to the whole of the council for project management which was lacking before. I followed the project lifecycle used at DBT and just tailored it to suit the council. Thanks a lot again!!


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