Remember Our Digital Prophecy for 2018 About Hybrid Roles, It is now being Fulfilled!

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Early this year, we shared our own Digital prophecy for 2018, and one of those was about the increase in demand for hybrid roles, Well, we did not have to wait for too long for that prophecy to come to pass and to get this super hybrid success story, it covers everything we have have ever talked about at Career Insights, BA/PM, including GDPR which most of our candidates dealt with late last year and CRM which we are currently taking a detailed look at.

Be inspired by this super hybrid success story.

Hello Keji, hope all is well sir

Just giving you heads up , i have been offered a hybrid BA/PM role with a multinational company and they would be contacting you for a reference

will share my story as soon as i sign the contract

No am in the UK sir and it’s mainly focused on CRM and a bit of GDPR

Hello keji ,
As promised my success story is here .

I have been offered a hybrid PM/BA full time position with a multinational company that provides service to automotive industry worldwide and I can’t begin to express how happy I am right now .
Prior to this I joined DBT in 2014 and since that time I have been waiting for this moment .DBT thought me everything I know today about project life cycle and when I did my training I immediately got involved in project like MONEY TRAIN , DISPATCHER , TRANSCEND and many more for those who remember.

Over the years I was a back bencher in meetings but no actual leadership position taken I guess that’s why mine too this long , and not until I took up a leadership role as PM of DX-SMS did I really gain the first hand experience I have been looking for and that gave me confidence to speak about the project I worked .
The turning point of my interview was when I dropped our SWAGILE framework , they were amazed as they were looking for a candidate who can combine both waterfall and agile and that made me the perfect candidate .
For those still looking delay is no denial work the work then you will certainly talk the talk !!!

Don’t Forget Data and Digital Expertise is now the Key

We also gave a prophecy that digital solutions Architects and Data Scientists/analysts will become hot cake to enterprises and here’s a fulfilling success story, one of many more to come.

400+Success stories career insights data analyst success story

Hi Keji, trust you’re fine. Please, if i need to get a reference, who’s the best person to contact in the office? Kind regards.

Many thanks boss. The good news is on it’s way which is why i’m checking.

Please kindly send me an email and contact number to use.

Dear Keji,

Good morning,

I recently got a job as Data Migration Analyst with a company called L3 Technologies and I have provided your details for my reference. I am sure they have emailed you already.

I was at DBT from May 2016 — February 2017 and worked as a BA facilitator in the Eagle Eye project alongside other projects that i was a part of, I worked with Oludare (PM) and David Tsuanyi (BA lead). I also recently rejoined the ecosystem for 3 months in june 2017.

I will be grateful if you could provide them with a reference for me and please let me know if you require any further information form me.

Many thanks.

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