Remi Dada Secures A PMO role with One of the Top UK Government Department


Hi Keji , God has given me a special new month gift – PMO role with One of the Top UK Government Department .

It’s been a long road but I thank God I am able to write my success story. I return every glory back to God .

I joined DBT in Jan 2016 before then I really wanted a change in my career. I got to know about Career Insight through Facebook sometimes in April 2015 and all I did then was to subscribe to emails for the purpose of getting more info and reading success stories .

Initially I thought it was all a scam as I felt the success stories were to good to be true. Each day I looked forward to reading the success stories . Because i was still in doubt I wasn’t sure if DBT was something I wanted to commit to . In November and December 2015 I watched Keji’s free sessions and after those sessions I was convinced without any doubt that, this was the right step to take.

To start the year I registered for the 4 weekends sessions in January 2016 . It was very demanding and stressful having to commute from Wales to London. Most weekends I had to wake up at 2am to catch the mega bus to london and had to return back home at about 11:30pm. I was determined for a change.

Right from the 1st week of training I attended meetings as I was eager to get my hands dirty. Alot didn’t make much sense because I had no prior experience of Project management.I kept taking in the information gradually until I made up my mind on the projects I wanted to get involved in.

My first project was the Matrix 2 where I started with minute taking(the best way to start. It gives you an overview of the project) , gradually grew into report writing learnt a lot under the PM Modupe Sobowale , joined the HT focus wrote lots of reports .I took up as much task as possible.I was very hungry to learn.When the time came , I took up the End stage report lead role under CI-XFILES learnt soo much working with Jide Adeoye( as popularly called “the smart one” who works around the clock, a great motivator ) .

Team CI-XFiles rock we all worked tirelessly attended meetings till early hours of the morning and I had to cope with working long hours at work (9am -7pm) . The height of it all was was being part of the CI-X-Files project.Alot of times I had to join meetings straight from work. After the completition of the CI-X-FILES, I started applying for jobs but nothing was forthcoming. I took up the PMO role with CM- Exodus 2. I kept applying and didn’t loose hope . My mentor ,Adeshola Cole gave me all the support i needed.This platform works . It takes your 100 %commitment but the dividends are enormous .

All that I was able to talk about were things I had learnt on this platform, stake holder management , risk management, the DBT framework . You need to get involved , the more you get involved and get your hands dirty the better. Nothing good comes easy , you won’t be spoon fed, you must be ready to give it all it takes. Remain focused , set your self a target ,believe in your self, dont be afraid of asking questions , there is no task too little in DBT. Even when you apply for roles and there are no favourable responses dont get discouraged, God is preparing the very best for you , keep applying and preparing.Watch videos on the E-work experience to equip yourself .

I will always recommend people to this platform . It works , all the effort and sleepless nights pay off. Thank you to everyone in who supported me most importantly thank you to my super amazing Mentor Adeshola Cole who had been a great inspiration, who never got tired preparing me and encouraging me,you are an asset to this ecosystem. And to my current PM on CM-Exodus 2 who is always ready to support me in every way. God bless you guys.
Thank you Keji Giwa for this amazing platform. Indeed as you(Keji) have declared at the beginning of the year, I can confedently say it is my year of exponential growth . DBT rocks.


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