Project Manager eWorkexperience

To become a successful project manager, you have to be results driven, constantly proactive and making decisions based on the expected deliverables required. A profession in project management requires working with a team of people; therefore, a successful project manager needs to understand how to relate with people at all levels, from client / stakeholder levels to team members. They need to understand the importance of teamwork and have a “We” mentality rather than an “I” mentality. It is important that as a project manager, you understand that team work means achieving more together. Usually, a project is temporary in nature and requires a one-time effort, in order to create a distinct product or service. This demands various technical skills that can be handled efficiently by a project manager.

You need to be able to identify risks before they actualise, effectively prioritise by doing what you have to do before you do what you want to do. Prioritising issues as you encounter them is key to you being able to overcome challenges and this will occur daily as a project manager. The basic requirement is to ensure the delivery of a project within defined time limits, budget and allocated resources. Project managers, project support specialists, PMO analysts and project planners are generally required in most industries from finance, IT, HR, health care and much more. Initially, they help in the development of the range of the project, and then monitor its progress all the way.

The four weeks training and practical work experience we provide will help you gain a practical knowledge, understanding and application of what it means to work in a project environment. You will have the opportunity to create a PMO office, create project plans, manage risks, raise, report and track issues, assess risks and manage risk, quality plan and much more.
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