Rita Secures a Project Manager Role

practical work experience

Hi Keji
I am happy to tell you that I have finally found a job!! My story is really that of never giving up.
As you know I attended your course last year June and finished I believe September last year. Ever since then I have been trying desperately to find a job in project management. Once completing your programme I was sure that the knowledge I had coupled with the practical experience I gained from completing your classes, would mean finding a job would not be too much of a problem. I started applying for work last September and sure enough secured my first interview very quickly. I attended the first interview and did not get the job. Then the second interview, same outcome. The third, fourth and fifth interview came with the same result. Someone else was always more experienced and more qualified than I was. At that point I was close to giving up. I stopped sending out CVs as I did not believe I would ever get a PM role. A few weeks after I had made that decision I remember you sent an email, as you usually do, encouraging us to never give up. This email had an attachment with it of two men digging, one man almost getting to his goal and giving up just before he got there, the other man digging fervently to reach his goal. I printed off the email and hung it up to keep encouraging myself. At that point I decided to act as the second man and keep digging. I started sending out my CV again and was called for an interview two weeks ago for the position of Junior Project Manager with a large organisation based in Kings Cross. I attended the interview and was called two days later to be offered the position.
Keji, I just want to thank you for the work you do and also the encouragement your emails contain, which I am sure without, I may also have given up on my dream. I really wanted to let you know my journey which I hope will encourage others not to give up on their dreams and to just keep going until they also get their breakthrough.
Rita Oye


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