Ronald Has Now Secured A Group Business Analyst Role After Initially Securing A Business Analyst Role With Greenwich Council


logoDear Keji,

The above refers.

I am one of your graduates from the Career Insights Business Analysis Training Program.

I also worked alongside your team on the HMC (Here`s My Card) mobile e-commerce project in 2013. I worked on the Tech and Business Side of the Project but focused my attention more on the Business Side of Business Analysis and understanding how to write the business case, the cost-benefit analysis and most importantly budgeting.

Thanks to you and your team, most especially Abi, I was able to secure a job 6 months ago as the Group Business Analyst of a rising conglomerate in Nigeria. The Holding Company  has subsidiaries into Armoured Vehicle manufacturing in Nigeria (First of its Kind in West Africa), Construction, Steel Production & Export, Private Cemetery (First of its kind in West Africa), and Real Estate.

Consequently I will need your reference to state I worked with Digital Bananas Technology Ltd as a Business Analyst. I have attached for your perusal and guidance my CV, detailing the time I worked with your with you.(August 2012 – March 2014

I am totally grateful to you for the opportunity given to learn from you and pass through your institution.

Kindly acknowledge this email, so I can forward your email to my HR department.

Thank you.


Ronald Onosode

Group Business Analyst


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