Santa Was Generous This Christmas! Candidate Secures Three Job Offers


And the Christmas gifts keep coming in early for our candidates.

We may just hit 400 success stories in 2015.

Check it out:
Success Story [ANONYMITY REQUIRED please]

I’d always been a software developer but lacked business analysis and project management skills. Joining and participating in DBT has helped me fill this gap and I have now secured a new role which is part business analysis, part project manager, part software developer – Lead Software Developer!

It is a very big deal for me cause the firm is a household brand and a multinational insurance company. Did I mention that they are sponsoring my Visa as well? Yeah!
They were very impressed by my broad range of skills and I’ll be leading a few new projects.

Thanks a lot Keji


If you don’t like where you are right now in your career, start rolling with those who are thriving in theirs and willing to help you with yours.

It’s time you stop questioning wondering if it’s possible for you and start asking why not you too.

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