eWorkexperience practical work experience

These days you need to show evidence of your past experience working on high profile projects in order to secure a job as one of the following:

  1. Project Manager
  2. PMO Analyst
  3. Project Support Officer
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Project Planner

No company is willing to take a chance on people with no prior work experience for three main reasons:

  1. High profile projects come with big budgets ranging from £1m or above
  2. With 80% of projects failing, the consequences could mean the loss of major contracts with clients, bad reputation in the industry, opportunity cost and so much more.
  3. With the current economic situation, companies cannot afford to get it wrong

We encourage you to get your Prince 2 qualification and we are able to secure you a 50% discount via knowledge academy. The cheapest price in the country. This is a partnership with have with them because we are able to roll out highly skilled project management professionals who pass both the foundation and practitioner exams.

Here at Career Insights, we work with our parent company Digital Bananas Technology to give you hands on experience as a project manager, business analyst, pmo analyst or project planner. You will have the opportunity do the following:

  • Join a team of aspiring project managers, project planners, pmo analysts and business analyst as they gain practical work experience working on innovative mobile application development for android and IOS using Google’s bump technology, facebook API, in app purchase modules and much more.
  • Learn how to take a project from conception to execution using our PMO framework based on the Prince 2, Waterfall and Agile Methodology.
  • Understand how to use business analysis techniques (business process mapping, creating justifiable business cases, cost benefit analysis, options analysis, competitor profiling, internal and external business strategies using porter 5 forces, PESTLE, SWOT, resource audit, Mckinsey-7s, ansoff matrix, boston matrix, MOSCOW and much more.
  • As a project planner, learn how to create preliminary and definitive project plans with identified stages, tasks, dependencies, setting key milestones and critical path analysis. Creating status and progress reports, financial budgeting, resource planning and allocation.
  • As a PMO Analyst, you will learn how to set up a PMO framework, implement the PMO toolkit, support project governance and manage programs (portfolio of projects).
  • We’ve got the time and patience to teach you. Do you have the commitment required to gain practical work experience?
  • We will give you the practical work experience required. Provide you with full employment reference based on the work you’ve done and help you pass your Prince 2 or BCS Business Analysis exams.
  • By the end of your course you will have gained the skills required to work in a project environment and secure your first job as a Project Coordinator, manager or planner depending on your level of experience.

At the end of your program with us, one of our recruitment consultants specialising within the PM and BA sector will professionally write your CV guaranteed get calls to recruitment agencies. It is imperative that you attend our interview training programs where you get the opportunity to experience mock interview scenarios and polish your interview skills.

Don’t just take our word for it. With over 1,000 job placements to date, listen to our success stories.

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