Securing Your First PMO Analyst Role & Consistently Secure High Paying Contracts As You Move Up The Career Ladder

How would you feel if you joined an ecosystem of 2000 plus strong project management and business analysis professionals four years ago and since then you have consistently secured high paying contract roles and progressively moved up the career ladder?

This is exactly what happens to our candidates.
As a business, we have to sell our service but when a business becomes a thriving community of 2,000+, the selling is done by your customers.

This is where word of mouth creates a sustainable business model that continuously adds value. This is the true story of our candidates and I hope Sandra’s story will inspire you today:

“Sandra Ibiayo
Another success story! Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit and thanks to Keji (Career Insights) I did not quit.

I started with Career Insights as a Project Coordinator and it was very intense and informative. The practical training sessions gave me a lot of insight into the world of Project Management and more in terms of setting up a PMO Office. Keji made us work had and believe me everything Keji said from having a good Communication Strategy, Team Collaboration Effective Time Management Skills and Planning came into Play immediately.
I have been securing contracts one after the other and after completing my last 1 year contract with a top educational institution rolling out Windows 7, I have now secured another role as Project Analyst and PA to two Senior Directors with a top very posh Blue Chip IT Company.

I can’t thank (Keji) enough for the work experience and projects that we worked on as it put me in good stead for any future roles and I was prepared for any interviews. The key is not to give up. No matter how many rejections you get, keep going and never give up. I attended 6 interviews before I secured this role. This role was my 7th interview and I had to attend 2 interviews face to face. To God I give the glory, I was offered the position. There are very few people like Keji out there who want to see others succeed and thanks to him I am where I am today. I will be booking a dinner date to take Keji to the most expensive restaurant! God bless Keji”


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Before you contact us, check out 10 key facts you probably didn’t know about Career Insights:

  1. Over 3,000 Project management and Business analysis job placements to date.
  2. Over 20 of our candidates secure PM and BA jobs each month.
  3. Our support ecosystem is over 2,000 strong.
  4. Most UK recruiters and employers know Digital Bananas Technology, our parent company for the strong calibre of candidates that work there.
  5. Intensive project management and business analysis training included in your induction as you prepare to start work the following week gaining practical work experience working on live innovative tech projects. Lest we forget, it’s until you secure your first role and if you wish to stay on, you are welcome as we need you to mentor others.
  6. Access to industry standard collaborative tools enabling you to remotely communicate with your project teams and learn how to use the tools using our robust and reliable cloud services.
  7. Daily group and personal mentoring with candidates who were once like you and have now secured life-changing roles. Who best to train you than someone who was once in your shoes and now where you want to be?
  8. Your work history on basecamp automatically forms your professional CV. No one can sell a CV better than the one you have written based on the work you have actually done. Your mentor just reviews your CV and guides you on how to create a killer CV you can personally back up yourself.
  9. Access to our highly comprehensive e-learning tools and apps designed to help you secure your ideal role in 8 – 12 weeks. This includes your personality test – cut time wasting, know exactly what you are good at, video tutorials, ability to recap and revise, interview questions and answers app to prepare you for job interviews, constantly updated frameworks, techniques and processes.
  10. The ability to apply for up to 10 different roles depending on your newly acquired area of expertise. You can specialise in over 6 different industries. You can apply for a project manager role (business or technical), business analyst role (project tendering, business process improvement or technical), Quality Assurance role, Software tester, project support officer or PMO analyst roles. You can also specialise in the following areas: CRM, Application Development (web & mobile), digital media, business process improvement, IT infrastructure, Corporate brand development, project tendering. AML / KYC and so much more.

The best part of it all is we have the results to show for it.

Last year we celebrated over 200 of our candidates who secured PM and BA roles at the DBT Awards. This year, with over 20 success stories each month, we are confident we will be celebrating over 400 candidates.

Watch our video explainer:

Let’s have a chat about your career today and how we can get you up the PM or BA career ladder in 8 – 12 weeks time.

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