September 2014: Jide Secures A Senior Business Analyst Role With NetNames

Hi Keji,

My name is Jide Arowolo, the deputy BA Lead for Wall Street project. I have just been offered a Snr. Business Analyst role with a reputable company in London.

I joined DBT late last year/January 2014. I have worked on Phoenix project (with Glenn) as a BA and I supported TradIing Places BA team too. I’m so glad I jooined DBT. My experience in DBT has been invaluable without any doubt and it has been worth the while….good job Keji and please keep up the great work you are doing (and I won’t forget your wine…lol).

I would need a reference from you asap because they want me to start next week (08 Sept 2014) unfailingly. They have asked for your details and I would like to furnish them with it. Kindly advise.



Thank you Keji,

Thank you once again for everything. I thank God for what He is using you to do. Please keep it up, we are proud of you. I never cease to talk about you and DBT to people around me. The interview was wonderful. I wowed the Senior BAs that interviewed me and they could not hide their feelings (lol). I met with the PMO Head too and she was very impressed at the depth of my knowledge. I really thank God for this and also for the opportunity to be a part of DBT (I am still a part of DBT though). I discovered that one does not realise what you know until you face panels in interviews. I had 2 panels to face at every stage and I’m so happy I could draw on my experience on the projects and I got some respect on behalf of DBT. They even asked me how I was able to know so much within a short time (lol).


Let’s see what Jide was up to at Digital Bananas Technology 

Screenshot 2014-09-03 09.26.23



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