Septina Secures A Project Management Office Role With A Major Communications Company


When our candidates tapped into our 2016 mandate for the year, “Our year of exponential growth”, they released something magical in themselves, something many will describe as a spiritual experience.

By doing this, they ignited an explosion that exponentially forced the neurones in their brains to think up solutions to problems most couldn’t solve, making them the most sought after PMs, BAs and PMO Analysts in the job markets.

Listen to me and listen well, don’t just ask God to bless you. Pray the blessings of God meets your talents & hard work in 2016.

When the blessings of God meets your talents & hard work, it’s an express way.

Yesterday, I told you to watch out for Septina’s success story, well here it is.

Adeshola, an aspiring PM who joined us mid last year and now a PM at Lloyds bank, mentor and trainer here at Career Insights, mentored her however Septina’s commitment, drive, relentlessness, hard work and an unwavering determination to better herself defines the epitome of what Career Insights is all about.

Read her success story below:


Hi Keji

This success story has been a long time coming and with God’s help, the help and support of my amazing CI family, it’s finally here!

I joined Career Insights in February last year and whilst still in training I started getting involved in projects.

I joined CI Contact, Tech Phoenix and Transcend Enterprise. I got involved in taking minutes, writing every report I could get my hands on, anchoring RAIDs meetings, facilitating BA meetings, getting involved in the preparation of BA artefacts, uploading documents on basecamp, confluence and JIRA, running report writing training sessions for the team etc.

By summer I joined the ES Programme Office working with an amazing team. I had the opportunity to to expand and tap into even more learning resources available at CI & DBT.

My journey has by no means been a plain sailing. I was working full time, juggling family commitments, and still logged into meetings every evening as well as complete tasks, listen to mentoring videos and do my own learning. I never had the confidence to let my voice be heard, always worked behind the scenes and never the first to volunteer. But Career Insights changed all of that. I had all the tools, the resources, the support network and dedication I needed to succeed.

I started of wanting a change in career but today I have gained friendships that will last a lifetime.

Adeshola Cole my super mentor, always pushing and encouraging me when I almost gave up, the entire CI Contact team Ade, Victoria Ogundare, Tech Phoenix 2 Sandra, Terence and the most amazing BA team I’ve worked with. Transcend Enterprise, Abdul, Olamide, Rotimi Akinmboni, Funmi Ayorinde and Brenda Jane – the ladies that would stay up with me till the early hours of the morning for weeks, brainstorming and sharing ideas.

After a couple of interviews, my third interview was a combination of hardwork, resilience and God’s grace because 10 minutes after I left the building I received the phone call offering me the position of PMO for a major communications company.
To everyone on the platform and those still deciding on when or whether to join Career Insights. .

Joining CI is the best decision I’ve ever made and I encourage you to take the first step into your success story.
Work hard, participate in meetings, read up on all the learning resources readily available, understand the DBT PMO framework, be familiar with the processes of project documentation, Risk management, change management, and the list goes on.

Finally to Ola, Femi, Kem, The Directors Caroline and Adore and all the mentors.. I truly appreciate you and the knowledge you continuously impart has significantly changed my story. To the Boss Keji.. what can I say?
But continue to pray that God will richly bless you and fulfill this year of exponential growth for CI. I look forward to even more success.

Septina George


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