Seun Secures A Business Analyst Role With Royal Caribbean Limited

rci_logo_no_strap_jpegOga Keji, how far
Success story for you o!
But me I don’t like to shout
but I will shout so the doubters can know that this really works.

Business analyst at Royal Caribbean Limited.
It’s a perm role

Well, started with a phone interview where they generally try to suss you out and see if you know what you’re talking about. That was the very easy part because when you’re involved in DBT, you  know your stuff and talk your stuff and in most cases it’s quickly apparent that you know more

Than the interviewer.

2nd interview was face to face, met an in-house BA and the programme  manager where we spoke at length about my experience within dbt. The in house BA asked me some questions which I answered superbly, she was even baffled by the BCG matrix, cause I used that to solve a problem she put to me.

Final was a presentation to a panel of 3, their tech guy, pm and hod where I was given a task, a scenario where I was supposed to strategise on a new app launch. Let’s just say it went very well. My name’s Seun Kuku.

Vijay and Oye Fowowe were very helpful with helping prepare for the presentation.

Yup, DBT experience is very very great.

Let’s give God all the glory first and then oga Keji, you already know that you’re blessed.

Even if nobody prays for you

This platform has blessed a lot of people and surely you are God’s instrument to that.

Albeit, you get what you put in.

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