Candidate Secures A PMO Analyst Role With Her Current Employer Moving Up The Career Ladder

Hi Keji, just a quick one, I don’t want to call it a success story yet but I managed to get a role at the PMO office (it’s whet I have worked before so I didn’t have to put DBT on my cv ) I must say thank you for all your shouting, drilling it has really helped, coming from an IT background into this organisation is different, I know I will make a difference in their PMO as their documentation is all over the place! No configuration management , reporting tools not adequate ,planning is done on excel, they have never heard confluence, process mapping is done with power point, only one person knows how to use Visio etc.

I am still looking for another role where I can use DBT as this is temp and it’s a great opportunity.

can I share some encouraging words on the PM mentoring group so I can encourage some people that are looking to give up and tell them it’s worth doing the hard work. Like oisaid I don’t have a full contract for the job yet(so it’s not a success story yet , I am covering for someone sick) but I have been up to speed with what I have learnt fromDBT


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