She Invested £895 for A Return On Investment of £51,000 By Securing A PM/BA Role With ASOS


She was the first candidate to join our eWorkexeperience platform when it launched 8 weeks ago. She chose the on-line training sessions and quickly got her hands dirty on projects. The funniest part is she didn’t get the chance to take up the 72% OFF offer we gave some candidates. She paid the higher fee of £895 however, 4 weeks later she has secured a hybrid PM / BA role and the rate is £425 a day for 6 months. That’s £51,000. She has literally made her money back in less than 3 days of starting work.

Hi Keji. At last I have my success story…
Prior to joining Career Insights I had been working as a Business Analyst on a contract basis but I wanted to broaden my career and experience to gain Project Management so I can apply for Hybrid roles. We started our training four weeks ago with Adeshola Cole as my trainer. Because I had a good trainer I was able to apply for an HR business Analyst/Project Manager with Asos. I had my interview on Tuesday and today I was told I have been successful. I will be starting Monday for a 6 month contract on £425/day.

I just wanted to thank you for the career insights platform because I was able to get hands on experience on both project management/BA and insight on Program Management by gaining practical experience.

Thank you for your help and support

I saw it as an investment rather than a loss. That’s the mentality.

My last role was much less than this so its a big step for me.

I have recommended a friend of mine to join

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