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Joined DBT Feb 2017

My journey in securing a role as a Business Analyst started with this sentence “you would be a good project manager, you know?” asked my husband. I paused for a moment and thought about it. Whilst I was thinking, he said “Let me show you this website”. He showed me career insight website, I had a look and replied “I will give it a try”. Looked at the website thoroughly to actually know what they are doing, having it at the back of my mind that it is owned by a Nigerian.

I was blown away! Not a lot of Nigerians are known for excellence like this.

Not knowing where or how to start as I had a two-month-old baby at that time. I decided to just go for it.

I called the office, registered, did my onboarding and all necessities. Joined projects such as FBN Website Revamp, Salesforce Optimisation, Salesforce Marketing Automation, and was the Lead IT BA for Data Centre Project. I was also nominated as the best Lead IT BA for the DBT Awards.

Selected the Indispensable Bello Adano ( whom I highly recommend) as my mentor. He helped a lot with preparing me for interviews and even after. You are a star! Thank you so much!

Had a few interviews, amongst them were two international organisations, eBay and Shell where I got to the last stage but wasn’t able to secure any of the roles, I was so devastated. Not knowing there was a reason for it because I SHOULD have gotten them as they were wowed at the interviews. I had something inside of me which I did not know I was carrying and God had to say “WAIT”. — — I was pregnant which, I didn’t know about until afterwards. I had to stop applying for jobs.

After having my beautiful son, I applied for this role which is my first job search, had one interview(15 mins chat) shown around the building and got the job.

He secured a business intelligence analyst role


I am now a Senior Business Systems Analyst


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