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First of all I will like to give all the glory to God for making this impossible success story very possible. As I speak with you I have secured a business analyst role with a mega wealth management organisation who are just getting around the phase of digital transformation.

My Journey started on the 4th of July 2017, when I joined career insights. Coming from a science and health background with master’s degree, I was a bit hesitant when I was told about DBT earlier that year in January. I eventually summoned courage and enough cash to join the platform after I learnt that the person who recommended me secured a role. As I was on my maternity leave at the time I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try a career redirection as my career path at the time only saw me through getting odd jobs which I hated with every fibre in me.

On joining the platform, I immediately started watching videos and getting my hands dirty on projects like DX-mobile, Digital landlords, Imentor Global and the most recent ework 4.0 payment process improvement. I dived in neck deep and saw myself acting in different capacities as an ordinary team member, then as a BA facilitator, and then as a Digital BA. Throughout this process I saw myself working alongside intelligent and beautiful minds with the likes of xxxx xxxxx, xxxxx xxxxx, xxxxx from DX Mobile team, xxxxx xxxx, xxxxx xxxxx, xxxx xxxxx, xxxxx xxxx, xxxxx xxxxx, xxxx xxxx , xxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxx xxxxx from the Digital Landlords team, and then xxxxxxx , xxxxx xxxxx , xxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxx , xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxxxx , xxxxxxx from the Imentor Global team. These guys shaped and reshaped my BA experience and made it a worthwhile one. I am also grateful for the likes of xxxxxx xxxxx and xxxxxxx my very able product owner and senior BA respectively, I called them my essential catalyst as I not only learnt a lot from them but their knowledge, experience and support even during my interview helped me secure this role.

Jumping straight into my whole DBT experience, I joined projects and immediately started getting my hands dirty, I volunteered for tasks, took minutes which helped a great deal because at the end of each meeting I would go back to refresh my mind on what we had been achieved. This single daily act saw me blazing through task and when xxxx xxxx left for the UX/UI team he recommended me as a BA facilitator for Digital landlords which coincided with my role as a Digital BA for Imentor Nigeria (now Global) project. I qualified for mentoring as early as September, but I refused to be mentored till I knew I was ready, and by November, I decided to join xxxxx xxxx mentoring group, where he organised group training for us all. Despite being in mentoring, I felt I wasn’t ready psychologically as I still felt I needed that extra something. Then came the ework 4.0 migration for which I was so excited about, as this meant I would then have more than two domain experiences. I got in heavily on this and felt I was ready for my job applications towards April and May this year.

I joined the CV boot camp and tailored my CV based on my experience and did several trial applications in April this year. I immediately started getting calls non-stop from recruiters. My phone calls however weren’t progressing past this stage because of my visa status. The recruiters and organisations were always so impressed with my domain knowledge and experience but the moment we started talking about visa sponsorship they tuned off and halted further communications. I started getting frustrated by these and had to speak to a few DBT friends about it. I was so encouraged by xxxx success story on one of those days that I immediately got in touch with xxxxxx who I had been observing closely on the platform. He was so welcoming and treated my situation as a very peculiar one. He immediately took me on and became my mentor and friend. He enlightened my research capabilities, and through research we both became immigration experts. By the time he was done with me, I Knew I was ready to go reformat their brains from whatever they thought they knew about business analysis to what we do here in DBT.

Fast forward to the interview, I read so much and slept so little that I fell ill on the day, missed my train stop and had to reschedule for another time one the same day. I did all these not knowing that God had a divine plan for me. The interview was supposed to be with two senior BAS initially, however because I reschedule for another time during the day, I was then faced with a senior BA and the program director himself who at some point was a BA and product owner. My interview that was supposed to be for an hour stretched to three hours. They asked me any and everything including those I follow on twitter and what I do on facebook. Right there and then I had to elicit, gather and justify requirements which was a walk in the park for me because of my in-depth experience on this. They were so impressed with my performance that they just wanted to keep talking about the digital transformation I had told them about earlier, they kept nodding in acceptance and finishing my sentences before I even started. After the interview, I was told that normally they would invite individuals for second interview with the program director but because he was so impressed, he had authorised them to give me the job without any second interview. 
Now the interesting part was that of the visa sponsorship, apparently their visa guy wasn’t current in the whole visa sponsorship process, so I had to teach him from all the articles I have read of the most up to date visa requirements for sponsorship, for which they are currently putting measures in place to address and sponsor my visa.

Finally, I would like to admonish candidates to trust this platform and trust its processes, trust me it works, just ensure you are not lost in the crowd and know how to strategically pursue what’s essential to your success story. Coming from a health and science background with no knowledge whatsoever in BA related topics I grafted and to the glory of God my success story is here. God bless you Keji you are a star in this generation, the world will celebrate you soon. God bless xxxxx my friend and mentor may God reward you with so much peace and blessings more than you can imagine. God bless the program office, the strategy team for all your corrections and guidance. To my friends and buddy’s on this platform ( xxxxxx xxxx, xxxxx xxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx xxxx (my 3rd mentor)), may God prosper you guys beyond measure and lift you high. God bless everyone on this platform in Jesus name. Amen

By the way this was my very first one to one interview
Please keji I need to stress more the impact my mentor had on this ooo
Don’t think I did enough justice to that

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