She secured a Business Analyst internship role!

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Here is my success story. I started Dbt properly March 2017. My 1st story was shared in August 2017. That was a 2month position that ended October and since then i have been applying and attending interviews with no success. I was still on the platform and was part of dmi and crm training. I was getting calls and interviews but I just was not applying my knowledge to the questions they asked I think the desperation clouded my vision! I would leave the interview with the answers flowing in my head on the train ride home! Many times I felt discouraged and disappointed but I had to keep going. I just want to thank XXXXX (my XXXX brother:sunglasses:) XXXX and XXXX for all the advice they give in the meetings. The BA strategy meeting has become a highlight for my Friday night lol. I also want to thank XXXXX., XXXXX, XXXX XXX, and XXXXX, for their support and help through my time at Dbt. These guys are always willing to share information and encouragement. The interview, I left thinking that I did not give my best. I put it all in God’s hands, I said July must not pass me by! I got a call at the end of the week to say they really liked me and I will hear by early this week. Fast forward to Wednesday morning, I received the call to say they really wanted me on their team and my agency even managed to negotiate a higher day rate (double my last role)! That was surely God’s doing!!! Please do not give up, keep going. It took me over 8 months to recognise what I was doing wrong, to recognise that they need me and confidence is KEY! The knowledge here is 2nd to none! Dbt was discussed and I was asked if it’s training etc. I said its a great company that offers training, in-house projects and a consultancy that operates on an international scale :grin::grin:. Thank you Keji for your hard work and this platform. I am an advocate and will continue showing people this platform does work!!


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