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I have been rehearsing my Success Story since I started applying to companies but now, I don’t know what to say. I’m not as excited as I thought I’d be probably when I wake up tomorrow, it would have sunk in. I joined CI September last year (2017) when I saw a sponsorship post on their IG page. I had wanted to use that money for my son’s 7th birthday (lol). We ended up not having a party (lol) I hope he forgives me. I got an I.T BA role I’ll also be doing little PM and a lot of QA with a Social services/Software Development company in Abuja Nigeria.

I can’t thank God enough for His love and provisions. I really don’t understand how this happened because it was a UX/UI designer they needed. The MD said I am an accidental employee (lol). I applied on Monday I got a call on Thursday to come in on Friday for an interview. The discussion lasted for over 3 hours. The Man said I wasn’t a UX/UI person but when he saw in my CV that I can do wireframes and I’m also a QA person, he got interested because he knows QA’s have eyes for good designs. He told me about the projects they were working on and started revealing business secrets before he realized and was like “You didn’t even sign a non-disclosure”. I asked him a lot of questions I can’t even remember all now but it got to a point he had to pause and ask who the interviewer was. At first, he wanted me to write what I think I can do for the company and submit on Monday. It was confusing; in my mind I thought why did you invite me if you didn’t know what role you wanted me to fill? But then he said “before you go, let me show you what we’ve done. Our guys have designed the wireframes but I don’t like the home page. He showed me and it looked like what George or Victor will really lash you for. He asked if I could do a redesign and bring in the next day which is today; I agreed. I did a design and showed Michael Olorunfemi and my mentor extraordinaire Igwe to help me take a second look before I mailed it yesterday. I met him today and he said “I am really impressed can you start on Monday? And he started processing my company mail and asked me what tools they should get to help me work better. I’m expecting a mail, WORK MAIL. I have to look at all the wireframes and user stories; review and correct them, he wants me to keep the team on their feet to deliver on their tasks… crazy stuff!

Please friends and family help me thank IGWE AUSTINE oooo… I don’t even know where to start. I didn’t pay for mentoring. He did it free of charge and he didn’t hide any information because it was free. He was warm and patient with me. Thank you Igwe God will reward your selflessness in ways you never expected. Special thank you Michael Olorunfemi thank you for being a great person all those nights we spent learning QA paid off see you at the top bro. My Digital Landlord fam, my story isn’t complete without you Thank you!!!. Special thank you also Keji for this platform you’re an angel really we don’t know what we have here until we get out there. Thank you for allowing God use you and for being a good driver. Thank you also Victor, George and Femi for giving your time and for constructively critiquing every design we present. I practically heard Victor’ voice in my head saying “where is your scroll bar” “why do you have those many pages?” “where is XYZ page?” etc. (lol). I didn’t get to present to them but I was taking my notes. Thank you!!

To all Nigerian candidates and everyone here, keep HOPE alive. Study as much as you can as if your life depends on it you don’t have to talk during meetings. The important thing is you’re learning and doing it well. Learn to do the work and talk the “work”. most Importantly, sometimes, you won’t see the big banner “BUSINESS ANALYST” or “PROJECT MANAGER” take your time to read the job description and see how many of the things you can do then tailor your CV to match it. My mentor taught me that! God Bless us all. Amen!

P.S: The Company still needs a UI designer. Please PM me if you are in Nigeria (Abuja) and you are a very good UI designer

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