She’s Going to be Making Mad Silly Money as a Digital BA

Another beautiful, inspiring story

“Hi Keji. I promised myself I would never private message you until I am able to say the best THANK YOU you’d appreciate the most which makes you proud which is a success story! So here I am with it……….

I have been offered a BA role

My fingers are shaking and I can’t type as I am still in shock

As soon as I get to grips with reality I’ll type a proper success story

Success Story

All thanks and praise to Almighty God for directing me on this journey!
I joined DBT April 2016. Due to severe family constraint I couldn’t participate as actively as I should until June 2017 when I decided to take a career break so I could focus on DBT, I took a risk. Considering I had 2 Masters degree and CIMA (Adv.Dip). I started off very lost and confused with no bearing where to start from.
I embrassed the madness. I joined various projects FBN App 2, Digital Landlord (DL), DigiSearch, Digital Academy, Digital Talent, GDPR Consent, GDPR Inventory. I started with taking minutes which eased me into the DBT culture gradually. Subsequently I started anchoring RAID’s. Then next thing I knew I matured into anchoring at BA/BA adhoc meetings and near enough turning into a lead BA without actually officially being one lol. I also did a lot of research and self-study to cement my understanding and broaden my knowledge. DL project has a soft spot in my heart. I worked tirelessly with the most ambitious, resilient, focused, fun, resourceful and encouraging people. I have made Sisters, Brothers, friends and indeed family for which I will eternally be grateful for.
I had been applying for roles since early 2018 but kept getting countless No’s, mail box full of responses from agencies saying sorry you have been unfortunate on this occasion and at a stage I started doubting my abilities BUT I kept saying to myself, you ONLY need 1 Yes! Attended several interviews which went well but never heard back from the respective agencies, chosen as the preferred candidate but wasn’t given an offer. I am one of those who say such things don’t happen to people like me BUT guess what it has!!! I am excited, happy, grateful, shocked and quite simply flabagasted.
A massive THANK YOU Keji for this amazing vision masterminded by you, the entire programme office, digital strategy team and colleagues on the platform. Let’s keep creating magic and keep the flag flying always!!!
For anyone seeking inspiration, Please keep asking questions, keep serving, keep sharing, work hard, play hard and keep your eyes firmly on the prize- which is securing that dream role. It takes time and enormous sacrifice. Take it from me, it’s real and it is doable, God bless your journey, AMEN.

God bless you! You would never understand! Thank you so so so so sooooooooooooooo much 👏 👏 👏”


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