Should we be like everyone else just because we don’t fit in?

dare to be different with Career Insights

We say it’s time to disrupt the status quo.

Über did it.
Netflix did it.
YouTube did it.

We are not a training company and as a result we don’t do what training companies do.

Once upon a time there was Blockbuster and today there is Netflix.

Once Upton a time there was eLearning and today we have eWorkexperience.

There are thousands of training companies out there all doing the same thing. They train but employers are no longer looking for people with knowledge alone. In fact, they stopped doing that years ago.

They are looking for hands on experience. They want to see your record of achievement and the difference you are making.

It’s time to disrupt the status quo once again.

About 5 years ago and for over 20years you will find a blockbuster store on every street in the UK, today we we have Netflix and there are no Blockbuster stores on any street.

Don’t become the extinct. Become the disruptor who caused the extinction.

eWorkexperience is the new buzz word and we have the success stories to show for it.

Check the comment below for a screenshot of a job offer to one of our candidates. It’s for a business analyst role with London Business School.

Names are covered for data protection reasons.

Still in doubt? Remember elearning can’t get you a job, they provide knowledge but eWorkexperience can.

It’s FREE to start with us so call us on: 020 3793 7731

pm and ba success story

pm and ba success story

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