Show them what they are made of and they will never settle for anything less

Career insights in the brain cube

Show a person what they are made of

Show them what the are capable of

Show them what they are worth

and they will most likely never settle for anything less.

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All you need is the work experience we give you, the first taste of the first contract paying you more that you’ve ever earned and the hunger for more will never stop.

Be inspired

I got a job as a project support officer at UCL

Hi Keji

First all I want to thank God for changing my mindset to take responsibility for investing in myself rather than being employee minded which imprisons. Thank you Keji for listening to God with regards to this platform I pray you go from glory to glory in Jesus name. Thanks also to Oludare Caroline Adore Vyas Oyinua Femi and all programme office. Lastly my mentor Jide Adeoye.

Lessons I have learnt on DBT

👉🏾buy truth and don’t sell it

👉🏾your success is not held in anyone’s hand

👉🏾know your value

👉🏾make decisions based on value not cost as it’s costly

👉🏾be open so you can learn fast

My journey started in 2016 when I first heard about DBT from my little brother tagged the ‘smart one’ at DBT. I was interested in data-driven marketing and Jerry had a family session on GA, teaching the ABCs. I was keen but then I found out that you where doing PM and BA so I was not interested. BUT I was still on your mailing list (Oyinua good job 👍🏾).

I got an email in October 2016 about becoming a marketing expert by December, which is an area I love. Also by this point the ‘Smart one’ and his wife had gotten their success stories and where streaming from the 2016 DBT awards. So I knew CI was genuine and started to save for the next several months to get on the platform.

I joined in April 2017 on the Mother’s Day promo. Started getting my hands dirty taking minutes, then doing reports, then leading on those doing reports, then applied for planner, then PM.

I’m thankful for Maranatha and very one on DX – governance. It was baptism by fire for me on that project we had a strong PM in Maranatha and committed team members. I followed Maranatha and studied every thing that she did.

On DX- data centre my PM was working on her second success story and I learnt to sit straight- Bukky you are an amazing woman thank you for your support and advice.

Then I was blessed with an amazing project team and members. God has blessed us with four success stories and more to come.

My advice is to stay focused write down your plan, master your area and go at your pace ensuring you don’t drop the momentum – David Godchild must learn your pace and not compare you to others in Jesus name!

Thank also to team April, Fast track crew, big data group and Doye. Thank you everyone I’m keen to hear your success stories – you are next.


And we have second, third, fourth and 5th roles being secured

Hi boss, don’t know how I missed your last messagr. Anyways, I have good news, I just got my third role since joining DBT in November 2015. The agency will be sending you a request for reference soon.

Oga Keji.

I have just been offered a role but will give you the full update when i receive the offer letter! Thanks. You may recieve a reference request from RSA insurance! Will update you soon.

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