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Hi Keji

Happy New Year.

I finally got my success story. I started DBT in Nov 2015, working on Legends, Sherlock and projects. I then got given management roles in HT Focus, X Files and Fastballs. I started looking for work in April 2016. I went for a few interviews but never got through but kept on pushing. I went for an interview in June 2016 and by then my pregnancy was showing and I felt that no one would want to employ me for a few months as I would need to leave to give birth so I stopped applying.

Jide Adeoye was on my back to start applying soon after I gave birth, but I insisted I wasn’t ready as I had 2 children under the age of 3 to look after.

Once the youngest turned 9 months, I started reapplying. I went for 4 interviews and was told I was really good but they offered it to someone else who had just a bit more experience than me. I was about to give up, as it had been over a year since I was on the DBT platform and I thought maybe my skills were outdated.

I then went for my 5th interview early Dec 2017 and was offered the role as a Digital Project Manager for a Charity organisation within the same week.

I thank God for giving me the blessing to end 2017 and allowing me to start my dream job in 2018.

I would like to thank my Partner for being patient with the late night meetings, constant phone calls and me not being present for dinner. Supporting me and the girls for the last 2 yrs, and all those that helped and supported me throughout my journey at DBT. My mummy Ursula Baye for guiding and supporting me throughout, even after she had gotten her success story, Femi Agangan for showing me the ropes of a PMO. Bunmi Docemo for her help and support in the BA area, my HT-Focus family, without you guys I wouldn’t know what I know now, you guys rock, the jokes in management meeting were hilarious. Jide my planning partner for riding with me as we introduced MS Projects into DBT, and also being a top class Mentor in supporting and guiding me to get my success story (the late nights have paid off).

Thank-you Keji, for the opportunity to elevate my career, I wish you, and all at DBT all the best, and success for the future.

Half the people I know have all gotten jobs. I’m not even sure they still use telegram 🙈

But thanks for everything. I’m happy at work in my dream role.
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