Success Is Freedom. Three Candidates Share Their Success Stories


What does success look like to you?

To me it’s FREEDOM.

The freedom to do what I want, when, how and where I want to do it with highest state of comfort in good health, sound mind and with peace of mind.

It means being able to protect, provide for, love and care for my family while adding value to everyone around me.

It means helping those who can’t help themselves.

Success to the minority in a country where immigration rules, the colour of their skin or accent becomes a barrier to career progression after successfully gaining a degree or masters in their chosen profession means being able to gain enough practical work experience in order to gain a competitive advantage over their peers and secure the roles they spent thousands of pounds and years of studying so hard to achieve.tt2

Success to someone who is indigenous to a country he is born in could mean not losing career opportunities to immigrants who are a maybe lot more highly skilled or just cheaper, taking jobs they should be securing or just being happy in their chosen career of choice and being able to provide for, protect and care for their families with the added benefit of quality time with loved ones.


Success has many stages and different meanings for everyone. Regardless of the colour of your skin, accent or status in a country, as long as you are legally allowed to be in that country, and success right now means career progression to you, then you need to pay us a visit just as these 3 lucky candidates did a few months ago. Check out their success stories:

Morning Keji,

My name is XXXXXXXXXXXX. I worked on Transcend the Enterprise for report writing and was the BA Tech Lead for CI-CSI complaint handling system. I was one of the nominees for ‘Best BA Tech Lead in 2015. I am currently the BA business lead for ES-Social media and also working with HT Focus BA team.

I have been offered employment with XXXXXXXXXXXXX as their IT Business Analyst but as it is with all this type of department, they will need to contact my references before giving me a start date so, I am using this opportunity to request your permission to use you as my reference for my most recent role which is stated as Digital Bananas Technology – July 2015 to Date (contract ended in Dec. but currently freelancing with the organisation [DBT])

I am not permitted to go public with their details at this point but have to submit my references. Thanks for the great opportunity you have provided for all to learn and grow a career rather than just a job. I do honestly appreciate what you are doing and I appreciate your support.
Kind Regads


Hi Boss, I got a BA role with a Crowdfunding company, pls keep me anonymous for now.

It’s a 6 month contract working directly with the CEO

Of the Fintech. I have learnt so much from you over the years and I look forward to learning even more!You are a great mentor. Thanks Keji

Hello Keji
Got a job as an Administrative officer with NHS in Croydon.
I was involved in projects such as Here’s My Card.
Prior to coming to Career Insights,I had no knowledge of projects.But being in that training and getting involved changed my life and gave me much confidence which boosted my drive for better jobs.
Thanks Keji and keep doing the good job.
Marce Amuka


This is what Career Insights is all about.

10 years of changing lives and adding value.

Now it’s your turn.

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