Success Stories this November…

Finally! An IT Project Manager role secured after months of sleepless nights.

Hi Keji, i trust you’re well, I’ve finally secured my first success story. I started at DBT in July 2016 and have learnt a whole lot on the platform working on the Exodus and Governance projects respectively.

I went to the interview last friday for an IT project manager role with a company called Lamda who were impressed with my skills and understanding of the Agile methodology. They offered me the job before I could get back on the train home. They will be requesting for my reference very soon from you as they want me to start asap. Please keep me anonymous. Thank you very much for this opportunity. God bless you immensely.

Be inspired by this. £500 p/day is what she just got.


Hi Keji, I have some good news – a different kind of success story. Please only share internally with DBT fam, not on social media due to client’s type of work.

About 2 weeks ago I noticed an ex-client’s website in desperate need of a revamp. I contacted the CEO and agreed to meet up for me to highlight a few issues with the website. At the meeting, I asked if they were doing any work in preparation for GDPR. She hadn’t even heard of GDPR. I gave her a brief overview and she asked me to come speak to her Operations Manager.

At the second meeting I mainly talked about data processing and security from their clients’ and staff perspective then went on to GDPR. I also talked about the benefits of cloud platform and CRM. I was asked to put a proposal together for the company, which I did last week and presented to the CEO today.

We agreed a 3 months contract, £500/day. It’s basically going to be a digital transformation programme which for small businesses comes under R&D with some tax benefits.

Thank you for the recent GDPR training offer. Came in on time for me. I signed up and spent the last few days drowning my brain in videos and anything else I could find.

My time at DBT has been an eye opener and a great learning experience. Thank you for making this platform available and affordable. As an IT consultant I was so used to working (sometimes struggling) on my own but being here has taught me a lot more than the packages I paid for.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people I have worked with on the several projects. WAMCO, Helpdesk chat bot, DX and more recently data centre. Iyabo Okwuraiwe, Essie Adejare, Marian Oguguvwe, Josephine Boyo, the one and only Laurenta Sanjo and all the data centre team.

Bolade, my mentor thank you for the many words of wisdom and encouragement. I know this wasn’t the kind of interview we prepared for; but all the work got me ready mentally to guide the discussions and proposals.

That may sound like a goodbye, but no it isn’t. Am still here; much more to learn.

Nigeria-Belgium success story

If she can do it, what’s stopping you?

In 2 weeks I resume my role as an Agile Coach in Belgium, with one of the biggest bank in Europe. Joining the team saddled with facilitating the transition to agile as part of their ongoing digital transformation. With the need for another stream of income, I joined DBT in December of 2016 with a clear goal of building on my domain knowledge in Organization Development. I got the much needed refresher from the platform after 12 years away from IT. A BIG thank you to DBT management and colleagues on the portal. Your success story will come too, just stay focused.

Now he’s happy he is not alone:

Hi keji, I just secured a role with a large financial institution, I am a previous candidate at DBT, I would require references, how do I contact you to give more information.


He went in for a Grade 6 position but got a Grade 8 position instead, Yes, the interviewers were that impressed. DBT all the way!


“Hi Keji my first success story
They will be requesting reference from you soon. Please keep me anonymous for now. Thanks!

😊. I went to interview for a project support role with a public sector organisation they ended up offering considering me for programme support. From a grade 6 position to a grade 8 position. Please keep me anonymous still all checks have been done. Thank you for this platform 👏”


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Don’t give up, It may delay but hold on. He just Secured a Big Paying job!


“Hello Keji,
God has done it again:
I joined DBT on the 10th of February, 2014. I got my hands dirty on various projects such as: Need for Speed, Margin Call, CI – Project 24, CI – Phantom, CI – Godfather, Transcend the Enterprise, ES – Administrative Diagnostics project. I started applying for roles after I have gained enough work experience but got no offer. I was discouraged but I kept pushing going for training in Microsoft Project & Primavera P6 to enhance my skill set.

I kept on putting into practice what I have learnt from DBT, I attend the mentoring sessions held by you then and took on board the advise you gave during those sessions.

To cut the long story short; I went for an interview 2 weeks ago with Blackpool and Fylde College, where I was offered the role of a Lecturer in Project Management. But I was not too happy with it as I wanted to work in the commercial industry.
I saw an advert on LinkedIn for the role of Project Planner with the National Nuclear Laboratory, I sent my application on Friday 27th October and was called for interview on the 31st of October, 2017 and at the interview they were quite impressed on my stakeholder management and my experience. They said to be that they will get back to me in two weeks but I was surprise when I got a call on the 1st of November at 8.50 am that I have been offered the role of a Project Planner with a fat salary.

I want to use this medium to thank you for the great platform you set up. It’s amazing how it is helping people like me to secure life dream roles. I want to thank Olaitan Inekuku, Peter Frimpong, John-Mark Paul, Emeti, Otillia, Adore, Caroline and the entire staff members of DBT for your great support. Also, my advise to my colleagues till looking for roles don’t give up, stay focus, work and work on projects and you will get you success story coming soon.

Please due to security checks that will be carried out on me. Kindly keep my name and the company confidential from every social media platform.






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Join DBT work hard, get your hands dirty and you will get results like this. Be inspired!


“I got a digital Business Analyst role

Please keep me anonymous on all social platforms.

God has finally done it. To God be all the glory.
I just got an offer as a Digital Business Analyst with the largest automotive company in the UK. It’s been an interesting journey but finally get there. Anytime I read success stories, it encourages me and I will be like if God can do it for them he can do it for me. My philosophy is we are all on a journey and everyone will get off at their Bus stop.

I must say that it was not easy combining the long days & nights of project meetings with family and 24 hrs shift work but it was possible.
Regardless of my shift pattern I rolled in the mud. I join DBT Christmas week 2015 with no knowledge of BA……. so many people I trained with left the race but I refused to leave. I kept on pushing until I breakthrough.
Persistence they said is the key to success. I worked on HT-Focus, XFiles, BMP, Admin diagnostics,CI-Hackers and many others. I attended many interviews without success but I didn’t give up. I just believe it was going to happen when & how is what I don’t know.

I must thank you Keji for this amazing platform. Thank you for answering the call to start this platform that is changing lives. I have learnt alot on this platform and still learning. I have met wonderful people such as Olive my big sis from another mother, Bolaji, Didi, Adeshola,Grace Chaps, Olugbenga, Josiah, Rotimi, Olamide, Adeola, Harry, Tariq, Narissa, Oludare, my sis, Mojisola Hart- Ezekiel.
A big shout out to the knowledge management team. You guys rock…Olukemi,Maranthan, Oby and others.
A big thank you to Caroline Aluko, Femi, BA strategy team you gave me the support and always challenges me.
To everyone, don’t give up, keep pushing, keep learning get your hands dirty and learn on this platform. Delay is not denial.
Your success stories will surely come.”




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It’s her third Role Since joining our eWorkexperience platform and she’s smiling all the way to the bank, as usual!


“Hello Keji. Good news. This will be my third job after DBT. I have been offered a fixed contract PMO role with Capita. I will be involved in a project similar to what I have been involved in the past in DBT. Please keep me anonymous for now and please expect reference from them covering Sept 2014 to June 2016. Though I am still with DBT, however not very active. I must sincerely confess. Thank You!”


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