Become An Experienced Test Analyst or Software Tester

Gain practical work experience


Would you like to gain experience carrying out automated testing as a QA Manager, Test Analyst or Software tester working within the banking sector, testing a responsive web and mobile platform for one of the largest banks within the emerging market?

Development is now complete and we are moving to QA (quality assurance).

Our Head of Technology, Anton Galistky will be training and leading the team. You will be involved in the following:


Test strategy and definition

Test management

Agile Dev process

Continuous delivery and DevOps processes

Integration and exploratory testing

Big data technologies (Hadoop)

The company you will be gaining experience with: Digital Bananas Technology

The client: One of the largest banks within the emerging markets.

  • QA Managers earn up to £700 a day
  • Test Analysts earn up to £550 a day
  • Software testers earn up to £400 a day

We are a digital company offering digital solutions in the UK and emerging markets and we held over 30 candidates secure PM and BA roles each month.

Duration: 6 weeks starting from Monday the 16th of May 2016.

Once the application has gone live from staging, you can then add the experience to your CV to secure your next high paying role and we will provide references for work done.

To join our QA team with hands on training and practical work experience.

Call us on: 020 3793 7731


Become An Experienced Test Analyst or Software Tester

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