Candidate Shares Inspiring Journey on eWorkexperience Platform

Success comes to those who go for it, unrelentingly

“I read about Career Insights in March 2014 when I was researching where to take a Project Management course as I was looking for something different from ICT Support and Training. I quickly talked myself out of it, thinking it was one of our “419” scams.

I then took the PRINCE 2 training with Knowledge Academy as they were delivering the training and exam for about a third of the price. I passed both exams and was so sure that I will pick up a project management related role right away, that did not happen. Instead towards the end of 2014, I was headhunted for another Technical Trainer role, I accepted the role, since I really wanted to leave the organisation I had been at for 7 years.

The move ended up being “from frying pan to fire” as it was a nightmare teaching a group of approximately 18 young apprentices every week and having a brand new set of these young people each week. I was always stressed.

My sister, who learnt from a cousin, told me about Career Insights AGAIN and she advised me to visit the website. She told me that our cousin secured a BA role after training and gaining work experience with CI. I did and this time I was convinced that the experience of managing projects within an IT, Digital Development environment was what I needed to complement my PRINCE 2 certification.

I completed the 4 weekend training in August 2015 and started attending and listening in on meetings. I also watched all PM and a few BA videos, then was able to select Adeshola as my Mentor, I took a gamble as she barely had any mentees but colleagues talked about her work ethics and I liked her success story. She was so encouraging after she saw my CV and convinced me that I will secure a PM role in no time. I started my job search in December 2015.

I received a few phone calls and two initial interviews that I could not attend as I was training and had no trainer to cover. I got on the Legend project as Deputy BA Tech Lead, not sure how, but my guess is that Adeshola put my name forward. My involvement in the Legend project helped me master DBTs methodology. In January, 2016, I had enough of training every day, coupled with not having enough time for my job search, I resigned. Things went quiet after I resigned, I was scared and confused. My plan was to intensify my job search and get a PM related role in two months. It has taken me almost 7 months. I panicked and started applying for junior roles. Interviewing for a junior role is daunting as I deliberately would not let the answers just roll off my tongue.
I had to take out some of the experience on my CV but still had a recruiter telling me “You were an IT Trainee” in 1997!

I thank God Almighty as I return all the glory to Him. I thank my official mentor Adeshola Cole, who never stopped encouraging and checking on me, my unofficial mentor Abigail Raphael-Owolabi who is very detailed, excellent at turning abstract to concrete and explains things until she is sure you get it and leaves you almost screaming “Okay got it!”.

Keji, I say Thank you for this platform, words cannot express how much it will have changed so many lives. You will be greatly rewarded by God.

For those who think their many years of experience might be slowing them down, I appeal to you to keep at it, please don’t give up. When it eventually comes, it will be the right fit for you, trust me.”


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