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Leadership Team Member

Since you are building a Project Management Office “Organization”, it is assumed that you will be working on either a program sized effort with many projects under it’s authority and responsibility – or simply a larger department or organization that wants the guidance and leadership that a PMO can bring. The PMO Analyst steps in and makes decisions and provide leadership when needed. This person should have good solid Project Management skills and experience and aspire to be a PMO Manager or Program Manager as their next level of responsibility. They should have credible experience in leading projects to successful conclusion. It is also important, that they know and understand the difference between a “Value Added PMO” and one that simply exists to gather and report statistics.

Process Oriented Team Member(s)

This is the item that must be found in all PMO team members at some level. They must understand and embrace the importance of defining solid process models; ongoing process improvements; and how to work together both within the PMO team and the larger organization.

Steady as a Rock

A can do attitude is critical for this role. You literally need to multi skilled and able to multi task within a project environment. You must always be there to assist the program office and be extremely flexible.

Scheduling Expert

This is a major necessity, no matter the scheduling tool(s) that you may use. You need to have more than just an “in depth” amount of knowledge and experience with your scheduling tool of choice. While MS Project is accepted by many as the defacto project management scheduling tool, it is not by any means the “gold standard” or the one used in most places. The point being, no matter what the tool used, someone in the PMO has to have the ability to get the most out of the tool, and more importantly – is the one that will dig in a fix the scheduling problems that occur and are presented to the PMO for a cure.

Task Oriented

You must be effective at collecting and producing reports, metrics, and do what many would consider to be “menial” tasks. In short, someone that is learning about Project Management or someone that has skills that are generally attributed to a Business Analyst (the most overused and misunderstood job title today) or lower level employee