The Impact of DBT’s Digital Transformation Initiative




As you all know it’s important for you to explain the impact of our digital transformation initiative to employers when you go for job interviews. I have created this post to guide you through our progress to date.

As we are now being more and more informed by data and using data to drive decision making, we are beginning to see a dramatic increase in sales.

In 2014 we generated

At this point we didn’t have the eWorkexperience platform.

In 2015 we decided to digitise our work experience platform however we were not informed by data but just took advantage of the digital technology available to ushowever we had totally disrupted the market by allowing candidates to collaboratively remotely and on the move as we focused on having a mobile first strategy as earlier as 2015.

we saw our sales literally double.

By 2016 we started moving towards our digital transformation initiative, capitalising on digital marketing opportunities and the digital technology capabilities available to us.

Competition was fierce and an aggressive & relentless attempt to steal market share from us presented us with some serious challenges however we rose triumphant and started to see the benefit of our digital transformation strategy. In 2016, we maintained our sales and became a lot more profitable as a business.

In 2017 it was clear that if we didn’t kill the competion, totally disrupt the market, become a lot more customer centric by digitising and automating every business channel as we moved towards a centralised customer data centre with omni channel inetgration where were informed by data, we wouldn’t last long as a business.

you have all been a part of this and the moment we completed the platform integration and moved towards a centralised customer data centre, while having a mobile first strategy, we started to generate new business revenue through up sells, cross sells, next sells and referral opportunities. We could now create new business models and expand on a global scale.

It’s only September 2017 and we have already achieved 84% of last year’s sales revenue.

By analysising our data and gaining intelligence from that data we started to experience repeat business literally on a monthly basis.

We are now close to hitting the ยฃ1m mark by December 2017.

You can see that we have also been able to do this successfully by dropping the avereage order value at 20% uplift in sales and a 39% uplift in transactions while average order value has dropped. This is pretty remarkable from a sales and marketing perspective.

So from a business that didn’t make revenue from repeat business roughly a year ago, a 20% increase in repeat business in less than a year is pretty remarkable.

Ladies and gentle men this is the power of data and we have not even achieved 5% of what we want to achieve with data.

So if we look at the last 30 days compared to the same time last year.

you will see that we are now in beginning to experience the benefits of our digital transformation initiative.

What has led to this?

This is where you need to start taking notes and preparing for your job interviews.

Now lets look at all of our projects and the impact each has made

We started with defining our digital transformation objectives.


Then we mapped out our vision of multichannel integration and having a centralised customer data centre

From there we could now define our digital transformation portfolio

For this we needed a digital transformation framework and we created our own called Safe-Wagile

The first pogram was platform integration where all of our platforms where integrated together through APIs and insterad of building we acquired.

From the moment platform integration was successful we moved to cleaning up our data and optimising our salesforce CRM platform where we have successfully integrated all channels.

At this point digital marketing had to now drive IT decision making. This is where web analytics, email marketing, social media, mobile and search started to shape and inform us through market reality

The insights we gained into our prospective customers the more we were able to service them a bit more.

By having a mobile first strategy we then kicked off the mobility programme as we focused on improving the customer experience through persona definition, customer journey mapping and revamping the eWorkexperience platform.

At this point we started to analyse our data and gain more insights as we started visualising our data as we connected them to other data sources.

We are now at a point where business intelliogence is now the major driving force of everything we do.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have successfully digitised and automated over 90% of the business channels and the next phase is mining, analysing and visualising our data in order to generate more revenue, drive down operational cost and increase customer experience.

To do this, we now need a data centre that will feed from external and internal data and we integrate into all digital channels.

The future of DBT is an AI led eWorkexperience platform.


So what now?

  1. buid your data analytics and business intelligence experience
  2. Master Salesforce CRM. It’s taking over the world.
  3. Digital marketing drives IT decision making and more and more businesses are practising data driven digital marketing. Get qualified as a digital marketing professional and gain experience in this area. You can’t be a digital PM or BA without this.
  4. Understand and gain experience in digital transformation as a solutions architect.
  5. Be agile focused on a portfolio level. Master our Safe-Wagile framework.

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