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Success is an addictive thing, nobody ever got up the ladder and stayed there, except of course those who don’t love the taste of success, Because where you’re paused and satisfied, the people who were below will come up the ladder, meet you and then surpass you, and that is why, for most people who climb the ladder of success, they aim higher and keep climbing, the taste of success is addictive.

Its the same right here for us, all our hardworking candidates always aim higher because they know that the secret is not in celebrating the first success story, but the second, the third, even the tenth. Their hunger for success is not just a motivator for us to keep doing what we do, but its exactly that hunger that births more success.

Today we inspire you with these success stories of some of our best.

I have a success story as well

:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: I will you don’t worry need to get the contract in hand .. it is an exciting time i have things on the pipe line like you know i don’t do things in ones :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: i am chasing a DPO role.

That is the biggy

Hi Keji,
This just a short message to let know that God has done it again. I have just secured 3rd GDPR BA role. My contract is ending on Wednesday the 31st and I am starting the next role on the 5th of Feb
Guys, the job is out there apply and I am sure that your success story is around the corner

Shes on to the next one

For her, her career has been catapulted even higher, and now she’s on to her second Business analyst role, you can bet your gold, she won’t stop there.

career insights success stories

Good Morning Keji. I would like to remain anonymous at this time. I am just so grateful for the exworkexperience platform it has really catapulted my career. Im now working on my 2nd BA project and so happy to have the support of DBT and my mentor. I felt confident and reassured about my knowledge. Its hard work in the begining but if you carry on you too will bear fruit.
Thank you very much Keji.

career insights success stories

What a fantastic way to end January 2018! for those who have gotten their success stories this January, we can imagine their 2018 is sorted, and their next, bigger success story is around the corner, It is not too late to be a part of this success journey and get yours too.

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