The Key To Failure Is to Live Your Life Thinking Everyone's Opinion Matters.

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The key to failure is to live your life thinking everyone’s opinion matters.

They told me:

“Keji 4 out of 5 businesses fail within 5 years of starting up. Don’t quit your day job”

We are still here and extremely profitable 10 years later.

“How can you build a businesses based on biblical principles. We live in a circular world. It will fail!”

That’s why over 2,000 people have secured life changing roles and the numbers are still growing at at alarming rate.

“Who holds an award night celebrating people for securing jobs. It makes no sense”

I bet you’ve seen the video highlights and pictures. What have you got to say now?

“Helping 500 people secure jobs in 2015 is unrealistic”

Watch me!

Impossible is just an opinionated word but when I say it, it’s spelt and pronounced:

I’m possible.

Meaning if I can do it, you can too.

In 2015 your time will come.

It’s your year of multiplication and taking dominion.

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My staff will be working through Christmas to take your calls and discuss your career options.

Use this holiday to set your 2015 new year resolutions in motion.

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There are those who wish for things and all they ever do is wish.
There are those who talk a lot but never actually do anything.
And then there are those who just do and when they are done, they help others get there too.

This year we celebrated the doers and givers. These guys did not only focus on getting the most out of their induction training at Career Insights but became invaluable team players within the Digital Bananas Technology’s programme office.

Because of them apps such as: and so much more were a complete success.

Today, they have left us to secure even better roles with major multinationals.

As much as we are always sad to see you leave us for greener pastures we are also extremely proud of your achievement and contribution.

These are just a few of those people in this photo.

Left, Tayo Richards – Project Lead, Unilever, centre, Tunde Odunsanya, Project manager, Unilever, right Debbie Diali, Junior Project Manager, Westminster Council.

Are you interested in becoming a skilled project management or business analysis professional with enough practical work experience working on life changing and innovative projects across a good number of sectors earning up to £550 a day?

Then call us now on: 0203 793 7731 OR 0203 793 7732, ask to speak to one of our extremely friendly training consultants (Ibie, Ibiye, Anua or Vivian).

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