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The most sought after experience for graduates, people looking to move up the career ladder or at least secure a job is work experience.

Corporations don’t give it sparingly and no one will hire you without the relevant work experience, especially in today’s digital age.

As the pioneers of work experience within the digital space, Over the the last 10+ years, Career Insights has been improving and developing it’s eWorkexperience platform which has evolved over time to help over 5,000 candidates move up the career ladder and secure high paying promising digital roles.

As a result of our digital transformation and Digital optimisation initiatives, our parent company Digital Bananas Technology invested heavily in worker enablement anytime, anywhere using digital technology and using big data, machine learning and deep learning to build intelligent actions and events in order to help candidates improve on their learning and work experience. The ability to to allow our candidates gain practical work experience anytime, anywhere and instantly accessible for the multi screen user has been one of our main digital transformation objectives.

Informed by data and up to date with technology trends, we knew our existing and future candidates where not only digitally savvy but upward mobile. Having a mobile social first strategy was key to integrating into our candidates lifestyles using the digital channels, devices and platforms they already use. Integrating with industry standard tools using open APIs and being accessible to our candidates remotely allowing of collaborative learning, applied knowledge sharing and application using the right cloud infrastructural technology is now establishing relevance and delivering on results when it comes to our candidates securing high paying digital roles.

In just a few weeks time, you will be able access the all new eWorkexperience platform anywhere, on the go and available to you regardless of what screen you are using.

You will be able to collaborate from the convenience of your smartphone and engage with hundreds of other professionals as you build your digital skills and expertise.

With over 5,000 success stories and 30+ new roles secured each month, it’s time you join our thriving ecosystem.

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you, the eWorkexperience eWork 4.0 platform

Personalised & fully customised career path:

Our new and improved personality test maps out your career path and customises the eWorkexperience platform to help you achieve career success in record time.

Intelligent KPIs:

Track your performance and accelerate your progress. As you are informed on what you need to do next and how long it should take you to do it.

Intelligent Dashboard:

Using the power of AI, eWork 4.0 knows exactly what stage of your career path you are on and let’s you know each time you login.

Find a Buddy:

New to eWorkexperience, Why not get yourself a buddy. With thousands of alumni on the platform, seasoned professionals and people like yourself, iron sharpens iron. Finding someone who is willing to guide you through the platform and show you the ropes could cut the time it takes you to secure your success story in half. Get yourself a buddy!

FREE & Paid Mentoring:

You can now choose mentoring from aspiring mentors free or select seasoned mentors at an affordable price. Here at Career Insights, we believe the people who have been where you have been and now where you want to be are most likely the best people to mentor you to success. The proof has been in the pudding for quite a while now.

Intelligent elearning

Can’t finish a video tutorial? Pause it and come back to continue from where it stopped. Just attended a live training session? See related videos to watch or view the recorded version.


Iron sharpens iron and now you can connect with seasoned DBT alumni’s. Candidates who are now working as digital professionals adding value and creating a name for themselves in the industry. Search by company, role or name.

Request a reference:

Gotten a job? No need to call the office or contact Keji. Just request a reference on eWork 4.0 and add your success story.


New and improved assessments for every role. Test your knowledge and prepare for interviews.

Resources & research:

Get instant access to all our industry standard tools and softwares. Because we need you to be relevant and constantly up to date in the industry, we have signed up to eConsultancy & Smart Insights where you will have access to the latest research, case studies and templates in today’s digital age.

Introducing David Godchild, your virtual coach and assistant:

Using the power of AI and Chatbots, you can now book appointment with mentors, Renew subscriptions, purchase add-ons, get direct support, get answers to FAQs and so much more all from the convenience of your smartphone. Just talk to David.

With so many more features being released in iterations, the eWork 4.0 is the most advanced and innovative work experience platform accessible anytime and anywhere in the world.

Welcome to the future of works!


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