The New Features On The eWorkexperience


As we prepare to launch our new eWork experience platform this month, we felt it would be a good idea to share some exciting new features with our fans.


We currently use a pretty neat instant messaging mobile app called Telegram to communicate and share ideas within our ecosystem.

Successful candidates talk about their work experiences and learnings at their current roles while aspiring BAs and PMs learn, soaking it all in.

The current process immediately led to the birth of a new feature on the eWorkexperience platform: A daily diary feature that allows professionals who are part our ecosystem to add their learnings and discoveries.

It’s like a diary for knowledge sharing and management.

It will come with social features such as comments, likes, ratings etc and you will be able to filter by role, categories etc.

Everyone’s excited about the new feature and we can see it adding tonnes of value.

In the meantime, learn more about what we do:

Call us to book a free slot on: 020 3793 7731

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