The Power of Digital Marketing and Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore the Trend

Here’s a fantastic opportunity for you, if you’ve been looking to acquire digital skills, broaden your knowledge in the area or positioning yourself to be more employable in the ever competitive job market.

Sign up for the certified professional digital marketing training accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute for £750 instead of £1560 plus 3 months subscription on eWork 4.0 saving you another £1,497. Get in touch with David now

Now for those looking to start their own business or use digital marketing to grow their own business, I will not only be teaching you Digital marketing to certification level but giving you all the secrets you need to grow a successful business.

-You will learn how to find customers
-Build a database
-Set up CRM
-Do marketing automation
-Identify where your target audiences are
-Increase conversion rates
-Upsell, cross sell, next sell and generate referrals
-You will spend very little on advertising and make revenue 10 times what you spent based on your order value.

An opportunity you don’t want to miss

Digital marketing is the secret to Digital business success. With digital marketing you can estimate and predict how much revenue you will make then tweak and optimise until to increase your revenue each year.

The good news is you can also split your payments. So you will be certified and also Digitally business savvy. Killing 2 birds with one stone. An offer you will find no where else in this world. So get booking with David now. It’s just for registration at this point.

To sign up for the certified professional digital marketing training accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute for £750 instead of £1560 plus 3 months subscription on eWork 4.0 saving you another £1,497.

Get in touch with David now. You can also split your payment over 4 months although it will be £212 plus VAT * 4 months.

The power of Digital

AI can radically drive down operational cost and increase your registration rate without hiring a single staff.
Faster time to market helps drive customer acquisition and increase conversion rate. For example, over 200 people registered for DMI today using David and I was only given 50 spaces. Now I have to go back to DMI to beg for more seats at the heavily discounted price. All in less than 4hrs.

Check it out:

So AI bot & automation is essential to digital marketing, but note, having a mobile social first strategy is key.
Mobile — Connects you to the upward mobile & mobile savvy users
Social — allows you to interact through instant messaging

Now add AI Bot integrated with your CRM and ESP (email marketing software) and you have a killer digital marketing strategy that delivers on point. Eighty five per cent of companies are not even aware of this, not to talk of implementing it, now imagine being skilled in such area, you will no doubt be the toast of many potential employers.

So check it out

David’s call to action: Sign up for DMI

On click Davis grabs your name, number and telegram handle but guess what, David does not have your email so he asks

You give it, and David registers you on CRM and triggers an email to you

David gives you a success message and then the brochure. Done!

Now think of how much work it would take if you had to use a human being or should I say human beings, you will be dealing with factors such as human error, delay etc.

Are you getting the power of Digital technology and digital marketing and why you need to be in the know.

With stats like this, whether you are ready or not, artificial intelligence is here. It’s no longer a question of if you will use AI technology, but when you’ll start maximizing its potential on your business or as a professional to achieve maximum results.

A word of Advise from our Founder & CEO, Keji Giwa

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We knew training and certifications alone were not enough to compete in today’s digital age. We knew that getting your hands dirty with the opportunity to gain practical work experience working on live innovative and disruptive digital initiative was key to gaining a competitive advantage in today’s job market and we integrated the right industry standard tools with worker enablement anytime any where giving thousands of aspiring digital experts the opportunity to build new careers and thrive in today’s digital economy.

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