They Just Kept Renewing my Contract and Finally had to Pay Off the Agency to Keep Me

Hello Keji, here’s my second success story. I joined career insights in April 2016 and got my 1st job in December 2016 as a PMO Analyst with the NHS. It was initially for a 6months contract but they kept renewing the contract as I am being used for multipurpose. I was able to step in as a PM, i also solely managed the User Acceptance testing when our Tester resigned due to IR35 issues, I gather requirements and provide valuable quick wins to the programme. One of my colleagues had to ask me what my role really is as I fit in to all aspects of the department.

My boss offered me a Govenance and Project officer role on a permanent basis, he had to pay my agency to put me in the permanent position and he said “I was charged huge amount for keeping you here but you must know that you are worth much more than the money I paid your agency”.

Thanks so much for the platform Keji.

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