This year 2018, we will share your success stories just like these

Early last year 2017, one of our candidates in Nigeria sent in his success story:

Hello Prof, Prophet Keji, trust you are fine. I will share my success story with you on how I got a contract as the Project Manager and Business Analyst of a new project here in Nigeria worth N20million after joining career Insights.

I just arrived home.

I have always carried this passion of adding value any where I get to or any position I find myself. During my NYSC year, I was posted to a school but I wasn’t fulfilled as I my scope is beyond teaching, I applied to several organizations and as God will have it I got an offer from a consulting firm who told me they can’t afford my salary, I told them I am it will be a great pleasure working as an Intern. I was combining NYSC and the new work which was stressful but I was happy I am getting better. But as I am, there is still more to do, I started researching where to know more about BA and PM and I found CI. I joined and I enjoyed all the sessions.

My job was to attend to çlients of the organization. I introduced a model to the organization which increased their profitability growth rate of 20% to 40% in 3months. I was discussing with a client that asked about BA and PM, My analysis of BA from the experience on CI got the attention of a man that came for consultation, this man happens to be the real estate manager of Elizade, he interviewed me in my place of work and was fascinated and asked where did you get this knowledge from, I smiled and I said from a guru(Keji Giwa) and he gave me his card and scheduled a meeting the following week

I went to his office and I was surprised seeing executives waiting for me from oil sectors and telecommunications

I was told that I am to assume the post of a Business development manager due to the way I answered his questions and I got their requirements as my stakeholders and the business requirements.

After 1week of watching the requirement engineering videos, I went into action to develop a sound business plan in which as a matter of fact is workable and immediately they signed a cheque of 20m to start the project

They want to establish a consulting arm of the real estate firm and facilities management

I was astonished and today marks today marks my 100% in training on the eworking experience platform.

100% training yields 20m project in business development

It is now Jan 2018 and his success story is all inspiring

My mentor, thank you for 2017, you are God sent. My success story 99.99% loading. I love you.

I just secured some investors from Washington for the project I am handling.. We will be going to Washington to sign the contract. All expenses will be paid by them. They already sent the invitation letter and paid for the tickets.

Only God can make it happen. I give it to Him

Happy new Year. May DBT achieve all the goals for the year and may DBT encounter jaw dropping testimonies.

I will break it down.

Its a real estate project. As you know I am the business and project manager. I was able to developed the business case after watching the BA videos.

From there I developed the Business plan. The business plan attracted the foreign investors as they saw that its a viable project.

You said something about so many people having ideas and that not all those ideas are business ideas and not all business ideas are profitable ideas and not all profitable ideas are scalable or sustainable.

I ponder on this words and said to myself if I miss it in the elicitation process, then I have failed.

I was able to integrate all this together to develop a viable and sustainable business plan. My hands got dirty as that’s what DBT preach. I was diligent and disciplined in following all your words and in turn pave way for this success.

You are God sent.


Pls dont publish my name Sir.

I just secured a Project Manager role with Google

When i heared about DBT from my cousin Jide I was sceptical at first. I thought it was another money sucking scheme. But then i saw Jides payslips. 😱 i knew jide didnt have prior education/training in that industry so it had to be worth the investment.

I joined DBT in August 2016 and learned from scratch everything about project management. My preference was a PM so I immediately applied for any vacant position and got my first role as a PM for the Oscars 2016. I joined other projects since then taking both active and inactive positions often listening and learning in the background if busy.

I started applying from january 2017 and hit a few roadblocks but i never gave up and learned from each dissapointment Jide often coached me constantly before and after interviews until it finally paid off on December 2017 when I got a call confirming I had landed a PM role with Google. 🙌🎉

DBT paid is an investment that pays off in the end, everyones road and path is different so dont be concerned with not getting a job asap but knuckle down and put in the work and your success story will definitely be next.

I just secured an IT Project Manager role

REFERENCES REQUEST My name is Bola Emmanuel (Adebola Lara Emmanuel) I have just received a conditional offer from Lancashire Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust. For the post of IT Project Manager. Whilst in DBT I project managed ups and pursuit of happiness. Then became deputy program manager and was awarded best deputy program manager 2014. I wrote in my application I worked for TAMF Technologies from 01/07/13–31/07/17 when my contract ended.

HR OF LANCASHIRE TEACHING HOSPITAL have sent an email to you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Keji, keep on doing what you are doing? Coming to DBT was a tremendous help. The practical sessions is second to none. The hard work paid off. May God continually advance your knowledge to be a solution to several problems.

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