Top 10 Characteristics of a Digital Business Analyst

Top 10 characteristics of a Digital Business Analyst2

The Digital Business Analyst may not necessarily be the head of a project, but his role is very critical to the success of the project. Reason is whatever solution/requirements being implemented to improve the system or business is arrived at by the digital business analyst, and if the wrong requirements are implemented, the project would be a failure even before it started. Having the right characteristics as a digital business analyst, goes a long way in making your job easier and positioning you for success in the profession.


  • Problem Solver

The business analyst has a knack for finding the loopholes of a situation, an existing process or strategy and proffering a solution(s) to it. This trait easily filters into his job as a business analyst and since a business analyst’s role is to analyze a business process, and give requirements to improve it, having a flair for problem solving will be as good as getting paid for a habit.


  • People Person

They are excellent at effectively communicating and negotiating with people generally, including the management, clients, IT department etc, engaging with them as regularly as required,  and understanding what their needs and requirements are.


  • Critical Thinker

A Business Analyst must be a brilliant critical thinker, as they are responsible for weighing up multiple options before helping the organization or team settle on the best conceived solution.  They must be able to look at a problem from multiple points of view, challenge assumptions and guard against possible flaws in suggestions made by stakeholders as well as themselves.


  • Diverse Technical Knowledge

A great business analyst has a wide technical knowledge, not necessarily have to be an expert in this area, but knowledge of big data, computer programming, systems engineering, web/app development etc. to help in achieving strategic business goal, is a plus.


  • Business Acumen

This is about understanding how to apply individual processes and technologies to benefit the business. Knowing what the organization’s priorities are, having a low tolerance for waste and inefficiency in processes. A good digital business analyst should be able to identify new opportunities, developments and issues that “the business” might miss and adopt them accordingly.


  • Excellent Analyzer

A digital business analyst must be able to understand, extract, dissect and piece together all information or data gathered towards arriving at the requirements a business needs to arrive at effective solutions.


  • Great Researcher

Being able to make quality research is an important characteristic for any digital business analyst, as not all answers are readily be available in-house; therefore he or she must be able to research data or other necessary information externally.  Whether it is for the company or for personal gratification, knowledge is the key to success in this profession (any profession actually).


  • Passionate About Business Analysis

People generally perform better when they are passionate about what we they do. So being passionate about digital business analysis and everything it entails or borders around, is key to succeeding in the profession. Passion will keep you going and get through, even when you have major obstacles in the course of your job.


  • Creative Thinker

Another good attribute for a digital business analyst being a creative thinker- he or she should be able to think outside the box. To be successful and be distinct, the BA must identify be able to innovate, transform and revolutionise ideas and solutions, as well as give creatives takes on compelling visualizations. Foresee many possible futures and identify which of them is most worth pursuing.


  • Great at Facilitating

The business analyst’s job involves holding several meetings and sessions with stakeholders such as top management, customers, IT team and others, he needs to be able to facilitate these confidently. This means being comfortable in the board room as wekk as in front of the drawing board.


While some Business Analysts are naturally gifted with the above traits, others groom them over time, whatever the case, these characteristics among other things, will help any Business Analysts to be successful at his or her job.





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