Top 10 Characteristics of a Digital Project Manager


As a digital project manager, you row the boat of a project, ensuring that the work is delivered, complete, safe and sound. You may not necessarily be the idea generator of a project, but it is your duty to draw the strategy and process of execution, ensure things happen on time, within budget, and that team members concentrate on their tasks with an aim to deliver a professionally done job to the client. You are basically the oil that keeps the engine running at optimal pace and there are quite a number of characteristics you need to have, develop or hone to be successful; you need to be –


1) The Professional

Formal project management trainings and certifications are very important, they give you an understanding of the various approaches or methodology you can use for tackling your projects and tasks. Popular ones are Prince 2, AGILE, Project Management Professional. Clients and potential employers often use certifications to evaluate project managers before taking on their services.  Knowing how to use popular tools like Basecamp, Microsoft project, Atlassian, Teamwork, Pivotal tracker, Trello will make your job a lot easier and adds a professional touch to what you do. Now, having experience is almost as important as certifications, they are a proof  that you have actually put all your acquired skills and certifications to practice, and this will encourage clients to trust you to handle their project well. Gather as much experience as you can, manage projects pro bono (If you can), work as a team member of a digital project etc.


2) The Multitasker

A good project manager has an ability to multi task, as, more often than not, you will work on different projects that run concurrently. Developing the ability to multitask and satisfactorily deliver without mixing things up is key.


3) The Glue

You are the glue of the idea, the build, the output and the drive of the project. You keep everyone, including your team, the management and the client in sync; the clients’ requests are met, your team carries out their designated tasks and the management is up to date on progress. Learn how to keep everyone working together as a team and you will go far as a project manager.


4) The Negotiator

The digital project manager negotiates (and sometimes renegotiates). Working on projects requires that you negotiate with the client, your team, the management and other stakeholders, these negotiations borders on resources, budget, timeline etc.  You need to be skilled at handling these negotiations, such that whatever is agreed upon positions you to successfully deliver an excellently done work, while keeping the client happy and your team motivated.


5) The Digital (or Tech) guru

You are a lover of modern technology, digital tools, social media, applications, software updates, trends and best practices in the industry. Being conversant with these makes you a more strategic member of the team, and will enable you speak confidently and authoritatively about them to clients and other stakeholders if the need arises. Understanding of HTML/CSS, Analytics and reporting, SEO are a valuable skill to have. No matter how large and skills packed your team is, the more you know, the more you are empowered to help members of your team when the need arises.


6) The Leader

You are in charge of the project and must take charge by leading. Leadership is about pitching in and helping your team resolve issues when they arise, effective delegation of tasks, being the go-to person for authentic knowledge on the project and motivating them to persevere when the going gets tough, are all leadership skills that will ensures you and your team deliver the best work.

Always maintain a positive outlook too, positive people naturally draw others toward them and this will rub off on members of your team.


7) The Time manager

For the digital project manager, time is money and it must be utilised to the maximum at all time. He is the king of protocol and carefully planning out things before embarking on any tasks, be it projects, making documentations, meetings etc, and ensures that plans are stuck with through execution. This helps in keeping tab on work flow, what is done and what needs to be done, who does what and gives a general sense of preparedness, which in turn saves time. Effective time management and organisational skills are critical.


8) The People Person/Manager

It is very important to a create work environment where everyone on the team feels heard, their efforts are acknowledged and recognized, and their contributions valued, people tend to put in more effort to tasks when they work in this kind of environment. Also learn how to properly engage and manage the interests and requests of the project sponsor or client, it goes a long way in harnessing their confidence in you, and if you have to renegotiate on certain things, they will easily warm up to you.


9) The Risk Manager

One very important part of a project manager’s duties is the recognition that risk directly affects the chances of success and that it is your job to identify, monitor and respond to them. You identify the risks that are present in your project, which requires an open mindset that focuses on future scenarios that may occur; adopt risk communication as an agenda when you have team meetings, this enables your team members discuss risks when they faced with or foresee one, then make clear who is in charge of carrying out tasks to decrease threats and optimise the risk for the project if possible. Prioritise risks by identifying which can cause the biggest losses or gain, deal with the ones with higher impacts first. Ensure to always communicate major risks to the client.


10) The Analyst

You are at the top of your game when it comes to analyzing data and taking actions based on findings that will positively impact your project.


Now that you know the characteristics a Digital Project Manger needs to possess to be successful, here is how you become an digital project manager and secure a role?

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