Toyin Falana Secures A Programme Coordinator Role With Maidstone & Tonebridge Wells NHS Trust


Toyin Falana – my success story
When I joined DBT in Jan 2015, I was desperate for a career change because I was in a dead end job and I wanted more for myself, after finishing my one week intensive course, I knew that with God’s blessing and hardwork, my story will change. I immediately joined CI contact project as the minute lead, under the leadership of Ade Asemota. I didn’t quite understand what was going on tben, but I just kept taking minutes and asking loads of questions. By the time CI contact successfully concluded, I had developed some confidence and really excited about getting my hands even dirtier.

I moved on to Tech- Phoenix 2 project as the PMO lead, under the leadership of Adesola this was really a challenging role at first, but it gave me a good understanding of what the PMO role really entailed, this role helped boost my confidence because I had to speak in our meetings, which was really a challenge being a naturally shy person. I also gave PMO updates, set reporting schedule, challenged reports when the need arose, ensured risk log was up to date, managed the storage of all our documents amongst other duties. In this roles is learned to use MS Projects, and improved on my excel thanks to Otillia and Deji who help with this. I moved on to the programme office under the leadership of Nda and Funmi, where I gained full understanding of the role from a Programne level, here I learned how to update the Portfolio Plan, calculate Earned value of a project etc.All of this I was able to demonstrate at my interview, the feedback I got from my interview was that even though I was the least experienced, I had excellent technical knowledge of the role, they were quiet impressed with the way i demonstrated my ability of the role was very confident that I will blend easily with the rest of the team.
I want to thank God for making it all possible, for giving me the grace to persevere, for making it all worth it. I want to thank you Keji, for this wonderful plateform you have created, God definately used you to make this difference in my life, I can confidently say I have achieved a milestone in my life. I also want to say a big thank you to everyone I have mentioned above and everyone I have worked with in DBT, directly or indirectly, you are part of my success story. I just want to say that hard work and perseverance pays, do not give up, it will all end in praise. This is just the beginning for me as this train does not plan to stop anytime soon, you will be hearing more success stories from me.


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