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05947102-photo-capgemini-logoHere at Career Insights, paying it forward is part and parcel of what we do. We encourage candidates who secure roles to be an inspiration to other candidates still trying to get up the PM / BA career ladder by being a part of our ecosystem and mentoring others, teaching them new skills they have gained in their new found place of employment. Providing a work based learning environment for our candidates to gain practical work experience as business analysts is an area we take great pride in however what’s more priceless than that is the mentoring program we have created. Who best to help you secure your first BA or PM role other than someone who used to be where you are now and now where you want to be.

When Toyin secured her first Business Analyst role earlier this year, she sent us an all inspiring success story and engaged us a great deal about her first week at work. From that moment on she became a mentor to a number of candidates. Today Tutu, one of her mentees has just secured a Business Analyst role with CapGemini. Soon she too will be an inspiration to others and start mentoring.

10408501_10153092715064043_4713287386319260266_nHere is the really cool part. Vijay won the DBT BA Award last year and secured a business analyst role with Accenture. He stayed on to be a mentor to others, contributing immensely to the development of our 2000+ strong ecosystem. Toyin was his first mentee who secured a job as a Business Analyst with Hampton Court palace. Now she is paying it forward.

Less we forget, we also pay our mentors here at Career Insights. This way you are financially rewarded for helping others. Joining Career Insights is not just about securing for first PM or BA role, it’s about being equipped, staying up to date, adding value and getting paid additional income for doing so. You are part of our 2,000+ strong ecosystem for as long as you want to. Check out Tutu’s success story:

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