Truly Inspiring Success Stories. Senior BA Role & PMO Analyst Roles Secured

“Hi Keji,

Trust you are good.

Just got a new job and I’ve put you down as a reference so please could you do the honours 😊 I was on the platform between Jan and Jul 2016 and checks are being done by TSW.

Anonymous please, no social media etc.

Thanks so much and God bless 😊

Snr BA with Worldpay

This will be my 2nd role since I left and it’s amazing how recruiters always refer to the work I did at DBT!

Thanks for breaking grounds boss. God bless!”


1st PMO Analyst Role secured with the NHS

“I will start by thanking the almighty, all-knowing God of mercy who chose to remember me at this time. I also will like to thank my hubby and my 4 beautiful princesses who have put up with me being on this journey the past 2years- the late night meetings, the morning Scrums of Scrums, the midday Scrums and Project Meetings ….living and breathing projects even while on family holiday. I joined the platform in August 2015, with a plan to get a suitable role within 6months. Watched the relevant videos and started to get my hands dirty, the 1st Project I worked on was CSI, then Oscars-Awards website, ES-Influencer Marketing. By January 2016, with great zeal, I had done my Prince2 certification, passed the foundation but only missed the Practitioner pass mark by 1%. My first mentor was Adeshola, then Bolade Faj, and more recently Femi on Mentor Plus. I was the Planners Lead for CIA-Sherlock, DPM for Digital-Afric Digital Search, PMO Lead for Oscars Awards 2016, and most recently PMO Analyst. @DCoE Programme Office for GDPR Project 1. Where I gained essential experience working within the Programme Office, also coordinating Scrum and Scrum of Scrums.

Now to the real deal, I am being deliberately detailed because of those on the platform who are tired (almost fed up) of waiting. So, after many applications, many interviews, many times of rejections, many times of feeling so tired of waiting, many times I felt like packing it all up, especially when scale through telephone, 1st, and 2nd, interview only to be told another candidate was slightly better. Like the bible says : Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. I can say I finally got my own big Yes to a PMO role with the NHS, and just while I was rejoicing……. a GDPR role came up, which is still pending….., after about 15 minutes chat with the Head of PMO, the agent called to say they were really impressed with me. I know this is just the beginning, and there are greater testimonies to come.

I want to specially thank you Keji, for answering the call to create this platform, my friend Anita O, who introduced me to CI, all my lovely colleagues I’ve worked with on various projects, my dear helpful friends in the Programme office, the GDPR 1 team, just to mention a few of you: Yvonne D(for all the late night preps), Racheal S, Harry B, Wale O, Josephine B, Olive I, Oludare O, Esther O, Seun A for your help, encouragement, and support, Bolade Faj for your selflessness-always willing to help and. Femi ADEDOYIN for the very helpful mentor plus. sessions, God bless you all. My suggestion to all is: pls get your hands dirty, surround. yourself with the right people, allow God to direct you on what to focus on (don’t get lost) and wait for your time.

**Please Kindly keep me anonymous on all social media.”


I just secured a PMO Analyst Role

“Good evening Keji and thanks for this wonderful platform that is changing lives.Finally I have gotten to my bus stop. I just got a. PMO role with a multinational company.Its. been a journey for me but I’m grateful to God I even had a baby on the platform . I want to thank all those who supported me on this journey my family and friends. I worked on projects like BMP, X- Files where I was the PMO Lead, HT – Focus and most recently the past Program Office team. Thanks to Otillia, Jide the smart one, Moji Ezekiel Hart,Yemisi Olukoya, Sandra Aloko, Oludare, Anthonia Osunbor, Esther Okpara for ur time,Monica, Adeola Pitan,Caroline Nnadi. and Femi Adedoyin for d mentor plus sessions and for all your help.I will forever be grateful for how you helped me on this journey you have all helped me in more ways than one.I will specially want to thank an angel who God used for me during this interview Sandra Malanda may you never loose your reward. What you have made happen for me God will make much more happen for you. You literally held my hands this period and everything we talked about all throughout my preparation the late nights all in spite of your busy schedule paid off eventually. I am still shaking as I type this . Please keep me anonymous on all social media platforms as checks are still ongoing. Thank you.”


A word of advice from Keji Giwa, Founder & CEO, Digital Bananas Technology

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