Tshilidzi Secures Role using the eWorkexperience Platform

practical work experience

“Hi Keji,

This is my own success story.
I joined DBT on the 1st February 2016. This was after seeing the non stop ads on Facebook. I finally decided to come to a taster session that Keji was holding. I was tired of working in customer services and dead end jobs as a graduate.

When I got there I found Keji was the one speaking. Never had I met a person with so much passion in what they do. Right there and then I made up my mind that I’m starting on Monday.

I started my training on the 1st of Feb and Caroline took us through the PM training. She is fantastic and great at what she does. On Thursday we started with Keji on the BA side of things. One of the things he said was “if you put your all you’ll see that it pays off well. This is not jazz so expect to lose friends and even some people won’t understand why you’ve become obsessed with This career insights and DBT”

After the training I joined CI-XFILES and making sure I watched my must watch videos. Straight away I joined the minutes team where Dolly was the minutes lead. She gave me a chance to take minutes on various meetings. CI – XFILES is where I learnt that People in DBT don’t sleep. There’s always work being done.

I then joined DigiAfric – Headhunters and DigiAfric -Dispatcher where I took a minute lead role. I met lovely people. Ify, Dolly, Chris, Mina (my personal person), Adewale, Bimpe, Pelumi and Doye

I then chose my mentor, the amazing Rotimi Ige. She then gave me topics that I would need to read on and know if I was to make it at interviews.

I applied for so many jobs where I didn’t get responses and it was disheartening but I didn’t give up. Then suddenly it was like gates were opened. I started getting calls from agencies and companies were now calling back. Interviews started lining up. I finally got the Yes that I had been waiting for!

When I started preparing for interviews I asked for help. This platform has so many amazing people. There’s always a person willing to help. Abiodun Idowu, Abigail Raphael and Paul Oshiyemi. These guys went an extra mile to help me prepare for my interview. God bless you.

I thank God for DBT, for Keji and the amazing people on this platform. This platform definitely changes lives. Joining DBT is one of the best decisions I made.”


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