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In just 2-3 weeks time, new and existing candidates will be experiencing the new eWorkexperience platform as we begin to implement the next leg of our digital transformation initiative.

An all intelligent and alive AI to help you become a digital specialist

Now our digital personality test will help you discover which broad & wide skill sets you need to have and what deep & focussed skill sets you need to have in the digital economy we now operate in.

Employers are moving from the T-shaped employee


To a pie shape employee and ultimately, highly desirable will be comb shape employee.



The digital age we live in today requires employees with general and broad knowledge across a variety of disciplines as you continuously collaborate across functional in order to deliver in increments as you rapidly deploy solutions at lighting speed to meet the insatiable needs of end users as they continue to use technology as part of their everyday activities.

Customers, innovative technologies and competitors are constantly disrupting the market and corporations who lack the right skill set when it comes to competing in today’s digital age will be swallowed up, digested and excreted by their competitors. Pretty daunting thought however it’s happening right now.

Killing 2-3 birds with one stone

As we speak, our candidates are constantly securing hybrid roles and as a result, commanding higher wages. Just think of it this way, an analyst who can translate business requirements into technical requirements as a result of analysing and visualising data while working closely with the digital marketing team, gaining insights from analytics across a number of digital marketing channels, thereby able to inform IT decision making through market reality and inevitable map out a customer acquisition model that drives down marketing cost and increases ROI is what you call a comb shape employee.


To do this you will need to have broad expertise and knowledge in project management, business analysis, agile, and digital transformation along with in depth expertise in digital marketing, big data analytics and CRM and business intelligence. This kind of employee is a digital solutions architect and can command as high as £850 p/day if not higher.

This is what we are preparing you all for as we launch the new eWorkexperience platform in 3- 6 weeks time.

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