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What is it like being part of the Career Insights 3,000+ strong ecosystem.

“Hi Keji, All is well. Have faith. This is the best platform anyone can get. It is how your demostrate your skills to your empolyer. Honestly i learnt few tricks from Keji how to tackle and answer the questions. but it is true angecies out there know about DBT but still they went ahead and put me through interviews and guess what out of 3 interviews i secured 2 jobs offers.” – Hamza

“Jerry, I came to Career Insights after having worked as a PM for almost 10years….why did I come to CI then??? Because I had taken a three year career break to raise my son and enjoy life….when l wanted to go back to contracting after a 3year break, l realised that my experience was obsolete, things had changed…Agile/Scrum was the methodology of choice…digital innovation was the order of the day….so I canme to DBT to refresh my knowledge and get experience using the latest methodologies and frameworks..after 3months of getting my hands dirty…starting from minute taking I got my success story….I am still here because eventually Programme Director is what i am aiming for…CI is not just for people without experience…its also for those who have been PMs but want to go up the career ladder….its also for those who have seen what Keji does and want to be part of it and learn……..Keji is an innovator, if you hang around him for long, one will start coming up with innovative ideas….THATS WHY SOME EXPERIENCED PEOPLE COME TO AND STAY WITH DBT” – Nelly

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