Valentina Secures A PMO Role With Deutch Bank


Morning Keji..not sure if you remember name is Valentina..
I joined DBT a couple of years ago..wasn’t getting I decided to go back University and finish my degree..Ill be finishing next month..
I was approached by an agency a couple of a weeks ago for a position as PMO in Italy with Deutch Bank and got it..
I really want to thank you for all the experience you helped me gain while at DBT and for opening my eyes to the many possibilities out there..
Thank you for keeping the company name clean and one I am proud to refer to..
I told the company that I did some work experience with DBT for 2 year on and off as I went back to Uni..but the knowledge and experience I acquired while at DBT and the incomprehensible love favour and grace of God got me a dream job in Milan.
Thank you once more.
God bless you.
Will be sending my wine from

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