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Check out the success stories that came in today:

My earliest memories of CI is freaking out at the training thinking why do I feel I don’t know what I have been taught
Oh well, Keji explained I would once I start working on the projects. I recall mentoring sessions held by Caroline, Adore, Korede & Sponsors meetings with Keji. Waoh! This helped me rapidly learn all about being a BA and frankly I just wanted to be like them, I wanted to know as much as them.
I worked hard on TAMF ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Trading Places’ projects and started working with Olyne to create a structured BA department, sharing knowledge through mentoring and supporting the various BA teams. Thanks Adore and Olyne! I really wanted to be an expert BA and this platform had it all.
I achieved that goal freelancing & working as a CI trainer. Thanks Caroline!
I however got really muddy as Lead Senior BA and as part of the Business Strategy team always looking at the overall business objectives of DBT and CI at all times. I got to work closely with Oyinua and proudly became Product Owner for the Transcend Programme.
I decided to apply for work a few weeks ago I spoke to Gifty Beckley as I hadn’t gone for an interview in over 10 years. She helped me see I had all the expertise and all I had to do was show it. Hey I did just that and got a Job at the first interview I ever attended.

Keep getting your hands dirty, make sure you know what the projects are about, what you are doing and why you are doing it? Above all be supportive to new candidates, share your knowledge. You get more when you do so, that is how this vision came to be, Be inspired


My Success Story:

Keji in 2013 I joined career insight with no experience in project management, the platform exposed me to PMO framework, project planning and Business analysis skills.

In the first quarter of 2014 I secured a PMO role with a consulting firm where I worked on various projects including British airways projects and then moved all the way up to manage some small IT projects as well as becoming a certified Scrum Master.
Today am bringing another success story to the house of DBT! I’ve been offered PMO Analyst role at a top financial firm in UK!

I am a living evidence that getting your hands dirty at DBT pays big time!

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