We Can Do Better Because Our Families Deserve Better


Family is everything so when my candidates notify me that they have secured a life changing career in a project management or business analysis role, I am overwhelmed with joy.


Because a well-paid dream job doesn’t just give you career fulfilment, it gives you the opportunity to provide and care for your family. To me, without family you have nothing and you are nothing.

A Project Management or Business Analysis role can earn you up to £11,000 a month as long as you have the relevant experience and you can deliver. We can help you do that as we do for over 30 successful candidates each month.

1013638_10153412760119043_5399838281326596939_nThat’s me and my nephew in the first photo, my mum, dad, sister and her twins in the second.

I have made a career out of helping people up the PM and BA career ladder and my family is blessed as a result.

Be a blessing to yours too.

If there is one thing that gives me so much joy in life, it’s seeing my parents happy and living well.

They have sacrificed a great deal to make me the man I am today.

For those of us who are our parents are still around, I pray for long life, prosperity, peace of mind, good health and happiness.

May you all be in a position to be a blessing to them always.

Another two of my candidates, just secured roles, you can see their success stories attached to this post however here is one very inspiring story:


Dear Governor,

I don’t need to ask if you’re well, because I know you’re forever well and will continue to remain well.

I will love to remain anonymous for now if that is alright with you.

I don’t know where to start really, but I will start by saying a massive thank you to you and the fabulous team you’ve been able to set up and especially the structure of DBT.

My success story is quite a peculiar one. I did my 1 week intensive training in October and I must say it was quite insightful.

I am sure you will remember my team very well hahaha. After the training I remember texting you to discuss afterwards and you left me a golden line that changed my approach to people for the better, you said ” Always remember everyone has a temper”. As displayed in your presence, mine always get the better of me, but the intense training week was the last time that happened.

I joined the Money Train project afterwards and started with the Minutes taking and forming a synergy and learning from the best (Shout out to Team Money Train) . I didn’t even have a CV till March when I started applying. All this while working with my mentor Dan Asuzu, I was able to make sense of all the theoretical skills I’ve got from certifications and now see it been applied practically.

My first 2 interviews came thick and fast, I studied hard, liaised with my mentor. I’ve never been known to be a nervous person until I went for my first interview. It was really good, but I couldn’t remember anything from it, felt like I was on autopilot. Second interview was the next day with a big multinational consultancy firm, so didn’t really have time to reflect on the first one.

The second one went really well too. Long story short I had an offer from the second interview by the end of that week, I sat on it and tuesday the week after, I got an offer from the first one as well. Call it naivety I rejected the second offer because the remuneration was low, and end of the week they withdrew the position for the second offer due to new CIO. I was devastated.

Didn’t even bother to apply for anymore for a while.Then pep talk from my mentor motivated me again, he said it’s all part of the experience. April started working on a new opportunity, had a first then second phone interview, didn’t hear anything from them since then, got tired of calling to follow up, so I left it. Then in June I interviewed with British Council as an Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master. That was probably the best interview I’ve ever heard, because they are just in the transformational stage of agile adoption, I was able to blow their mind with all the great things I’ve learnt in DBT, user stories, role of a scrum master etc.

I left the interview buzzing and I called my mentor and told him, he said that sounds great. On my way home got a random call, it was from my recruiter I’ve been dealing with since April, she said Amadeus want to schedule a phone interview for the next day! I said bring it on.

The interview went well, got a positive feedback the next day. I got invited for yet another interview, this time with two directors and HR, it was an hour of been grilled, from competency based questions to very technical stuff and aviation industry related questions. God took control, I came feeling good that I didn’t let DBT down.

Now the wait, which I must confess can be killing, Then last week got an offer from the British Council by the end of the week Amadeus came back with an offer as well.

I know the phrase “get your hands dirty” is over used but it does pay off eventually if you put the hard work in it the reward is there in the end.

If I can do it, I believe ANYONE can do it.

I will like to use this great opportunity to thank you once again governor, for your support and this platform you’ve set up and maintained. This is what has given us the opportunity to go out there and show so much knowledge and understanding of the field and responsibilities of each role. Also I will like to thank Dan Asuzu, Uche Azubuike who introduced me to DBT, Maria Adu, my defunct Transcend Tracker teall, Money Train team, Caroline et al.

I do hope this can inspire someone else to go out and bring it as well, it’s doable!

Long live DBT!!

Many thanks,


If you managed to read it up to this point then you qualify for help and we are offering that helping hand.

You are not reading this by mistake and very soon someone will be reading your success story and be inspired to changed their lives just as this story has inspired you.

Paying it forward is what we do here at DBT. We are a 2,000+ strong company, extremely profitable and yet we don’t have any billboard adverts. Our business is built solely on success stories and recommendations.

There is no financial commitment to make right now.

We are having a FREE intro session on the 1st of August 2015 and you can start on that day once you are convinced it’s right for you.

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