We Get You Into Work & Celebrate You In Style


Why do we spend thousands of pounds celebrating all our successful candidates to a glamorous black and tie event each year at the DBT Awards?

Best part, it’s totally free for them to attend.

Why? Because it all about rewarding excellence and receiving a pat on the back for doing what most would consider impossible.

We understand the value of hard work and rewarding excellence. These amazing people made a decision to change their careers and commit their time, money and mind to changing their careers, gaining new skills and becoming experts within the digital field as project management and business analysis professions.

Yes they paid for the program initially and secured high flyer roles as a result however by celebrating them we reinforce in them the need to continually develop their careers and progressively move up the career ladder.

You can watch the full award ceremony here:

You can watch the 2014 & 2015 DBT Awards here:


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