welcome to July & Here’s Our First Success Story Of the Month: Digital PMO Analyst Role Secured


The month of July marks the peak of explosive growth and unparalleled success.

Faith without works is dead. Don’t say amen if you are not prepared to do the work.

We are not joking this July. We will celebrate you all before the end of this year and I start with the first success story of the month:

Here is the 1st success story of July and the 7th one this week.

Good morning Keji and happy new month! I’m happy to inform you that I got a Digital PMO Analyst role yesterday with a company that I’ll like it to remain anonymous for now because security checks are still been carried out. My mentor is Ola Mark Okotie. Please I’ll like to remain anonymous for now. My success story (A long one😂) will be sent when everything is in place, please keep doing what you are doing Keji.Many thanks and God bless!


For those that understand, this is God’s business and we experience miracles here. That’s why our success stories are unbelievable but very very real my friend.

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Digital PMO Analyst Work Experience Success Story


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