What are the Key Skills Required to Become a Digital Project Manager


Project managers do a bit of every aspect of a project; hence, any Digital Project Manager worth his salt must be as versatile in the digital sphere as possible. Taking up the role requires a diverse range of skills, from digital strategy to web production management to account management to quality control and much more. Here are some basics that are guaranteed to set you on the path of success as a digital project manager.


  • Leadership

You need to be skilled at taking charge and leading people. As a project manager you are a strong figure and leader in your organization and your team will be looking to you for decision making, project details, strategic goals, problem solving etc, all of which you must be able to provide.  Being a leadership, don’t be afraid to allow people voice their opinions and make suggestions when necessary, letting people have a say in their day to day work is important to building a team that feels like they are being carried along in decision making processes, which is a great way to encourage great output from team members.


  • Interpersonal Skills

You will work with quite a diverse number of people, from your team members, to management board, to clients, vendors etc, you need to develop a good cordial relationship with these people, as they are all stakeholders to the successful execution of your projects. People will be difficult from times to time and you must know how to manage them in such a way that the success of the project is not jeopardized.


  • Client Relations/management

You are in charge of clients contact and since they are the major stakeholder in the project, you must know how to keep them happy, in cases when they aren’t happy about certain decisions as regards the project, it must be to a justifiable end, and you need to make them understand this. While some clients are easy to work with, others can be really difficult, this is where you interpersonal skills come to play; you basically have to learn how to run your projects with the client’s needs and satisfaction in mind always.


  • Analytics

One of the major parts of a digital project manager’s job is reviewing information and data, analyzing them and making suggestions, decisions based on this analysis. This requires that you use quite a number of analytics tools to capture data and learning how to digest them easily. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to start with when it comes to web analytics, so learn the know-how of that. It’s about gathering data and information and interpreting them in such a way that moving forward, your client can make informed decisions geared at improving performance on relevant platform, website and social media.


  • Formal Project Management Methodologies

You need to have a knowledge of project management methodologies- SCRUM, Agile, and Waterfall are the three more common methodologies within the industry. Now you need to be skilled at applying these methodologies and identifying which works best for any project at hand, as well as your team. Your team will depend on you to be the go to for the process so buy a book, read a white paper or better still, get a formal education/certification on these methods.


  • Digital Marketing & Social Media 

You must be highly conversant with the digital marketing and social media sphere, as it is a essential part of web and eCommerce websites.  Know and understand all the social media platforms that are available, identify how they work and which works best for what. So whether you are building a website, developing web application or mobile app you must know how to sell it to the target audience, this is where you will apply your skill of social media and digital marketing. As a PM you must have the skills to understand all the media outlets and what offers the most return on investment for the client.


  • Presentation Skills

Being able to deliver a meaningful, concise, and well put together story sets you apart, it depicts you as professional and selling ideas to clients will be Developing a great presentation skills will goes a long way in gaining your clients’ confidence in you and an indication that you know what you are doing. It differentiates you as the leader from a behind-the-scenes manager. A well done presentation skills can make a mediocre PowerPoint look great and vice versa. Prepare a great power point and make a grand presentation of it, you will have the heart of your clients.



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